....What the hell was Snoop thinking?


The song is called “California Gurls” ft. Snoop. Watch the video, leave your thoughts.

I’m personally not into mainstream regardless, but I ran into this bullshit on TV. I was suprised, but not shocked.

Breast cupcakes ftw.

Who don’t like those things Rock? I’d just never picture Snoop making a vid/song like that.

I told you I’m not into mainstream >_> I make acceptions, but you won’t find me listening to the local radio.

I cosign on the wtf reaction… dancing with candy canes? Is that what’s really hood now… go do some real nigga shit…:bluu:

But still, there were a lot of big titted bitches up in that video… Katy Perry would get it any day of the week…

LOL! That’s full of win. But yeah, I don’t get what this nigga was thinking… I understand this is a business, but wtf?

What, you think he goes home and does ‘hood shit’. Dude has a kid that speaks “proper english” and goes to private school. Some of you need to separate the act from the performer. Christian Bale doesn’t actually live at wayne manor either.

snoop is an old man

Never said anything of this. I’m just suprised he would do a song like this. Snoop hasn’t been on his ‘hood shit’ as you put it, since he got his deal back in the 90’s.

Snoop has never been gangster him or Dre. They just sold that shit to the suckers who ate it up and tried to live that lifestyle they were rapping about.

I think snoop really was a gangster.

What is worse is that song he did that chick from the Netherlands or someshit

Do some real nigga shizz, man. Hold up a bank, go ball, something.

God bless Katy Perry though. Daaaaayum.

I wasn’t really paying attention to snoop. Cupcake Titties anyone?

looking at that smooth ass huh?

real nigga shit? like what?

rob a liquor store? go on a drive by spree?




This version is far superior.

snoop doesn’t have gangster problems anymore. His problems now are figuring out how much money he is gonna make from making mainstream music.

I’d do a video with Katy Perry If I were a gangsta rapper.

yup, I’d sell out…for those cupcake boobies.

dances in bar with long island in hand