What the **** is kara anyway

is it just a glitch of getting a srk or throw a bit further away so you dont have to get as close i know it can proibably work for juggling but it seems a bit overated or am i talking bollocks someone explain in detail:clap: :clap:


cheers buddy thats some detailed shit:clap: :tup:

Those numbers must be off…

those are probably the normal throw ranges

http://media.putfile.com/ryu-kara-throw-slo-mo i found the slo mo option last night

normal throw ranges sounds right… a lot more believable that “kara-throw rnages” anyhow.

I’m positive they are off. Hugo’s kara is in no way better than Q’s, Chun’s, Elenas, Akuma’s, or Ryu’s. And now way in hell does Ken have equal kara range to ryu and Akuma.

lol i have kara 720’d ken from outside sweeprange, lemme get the cap device back from true and i cap it up

I think the numbers on that page refers for throws, tho. A 720 has larger range than a normal throw, don’t it?

Yeah 720 range is like greater than akuma or chuns kara throw. kara 720 is like quarter screen or something crazy

How do you perform kara 720? Sounds like fun. :cool:

even if the pixel information is wrong, are the moves to kara throw correct? cuz i can’t do a lot of them.