what the...?

This happens when you play online and try to f.mp reset off a bad spray. I don’t even know what to say…

  1. b.mp does not have a jp state (jp0), meaning it can’t be used to combo after any other move that causes jp1 or higher (hk ruffian, ex zonk fadc, lp rocks etc).
  2. bad spray FADC causes jp01 and always hits twice. (you cant fadc the first hit)
  3. I went to training room afterwards to test this further. I was able to get only one hit of wake up sand but wasn’t able to combo with anything but jp1 moves (f.mp, hk ruffian, ex cu etc).
  4. this leads me to my conclusion: you need to hit with wakeup sand’s first hit AND the second needs to whiff. since b.mp is jp0, this means the first hit causes jp0 or ‘free float state’ which means you could combo EVERY MOVE (that is quick enough of course) (eg. focus crumble, akuma lk tatsu etc).
  5. I wasn’t able to reproduce it at all, meaning it’s pretty situational and VERY strict. tho, be my guest to test it further and find a specific setup (video: lp shoryuken, wakeup sand fadc. consider a possible delay on the jump or sand tho).

i’ve noticed some strange new juggle states on a few moves since 2012 hit, i reset an opponent out of an ex fb with ryu’s cr.mk once but could never reproduce it. They look pretty wonky and are hard to do but should make for some funny looking combo vids

That one is easy, after a counter hit EX Fireball you can do anything. Daigo even linked a sweep during the Topanga matches.

This change to EX fireball was reported.

i didnt get chance to see the toganga matches, they got took down to quick :frowning:
any reports on how his ryu is looking?

Still cheap abusing cr.mk xx fireball and 90% of the time he just does cr.lk blockstrings to keep himself safe. He’s also mashing that HP DP a lot lol.

haha that sounds just like his super ryu. I hated that ryu sucked so much in a e but coming from someone who started out with him and switched to cody at the end of super, im starting to see why everyone thought he was such a cheap ass character lol.

that cr.mk is so gdlk. Anyway thread hijack sorry