What things can you still not do in 3s?

This game has been out for a while and yet I can’t do a ton of things

-Kara palm
-double dp p with makoto
-consistent aegis wall combo with urien
-parry chun’s SAII (I can parry half:))
-kara shoryuken (rarely get it)
-instant gigas

If I had a joystick to practice on… maybe…

c.mkXX SAII with chun, I need more practice, See I play on pad and I still cant get used to stick :frowning:

Kara Raging Demon.

Charge partioning with remy, also I can’t seem to connect jump in RH to standing RH with Dudley consistantly.

720 :confused:

-standing 720
-kara fukiage with Makoto
-kara palms in an actual genei jin combo (i can do by itself in practice mode sometimes)

I can do just about everything else even though my execution sucks.

hmm kara throw and kara srk only because I dont have a clue into how doing them, and that im too lazy to find out…

use urien without looking retarded

Im with you there.

  • I can Kara palm, but not consistently enough to try in a real match.

  • Ken Kara SRK.

  • Makoto Kara SRK.

Everything else like my Urien execution is fine but I could practice more because when I’m nervous I mess up charge buffers and partitions. I could also work on Yun’s KO ender. I have trouble getting the shoulder to connect after the palm so I usually skip the shoulder and just f.fp, kara lunge punch. I dont see much use for it though.

Elena Spin Scythe combo.
Alex s.mk to ex AA.

Kara Throw
Chargae Partion

  • walk

Get a win with Chun.

Following Makoto’s super art 2 with the double step under hayates, I can get the first one, but I still tend to whiff the second most of the time.

Kara shoryu give me a problem too.


press start at the “press start” screen…:sad: :crybaby: :shake:

kara palm - 6 on a shoto. i can do it on chuns and get 3 down on shotos.
i did a standing 720 once, and i don’t plan on doing it again.

i can’t kara srk yet.
i can’t kara fukiage with Makoto.
i can’t do c.rh x 6 on Ibuki with Dudley.
i can’t do 3 continuous shoulder tackles (non-EX) with Urien.
i can’t be Boss and perform a meaty hop-kick into EX slashes.



:sad: truth…

Kara Throw, yet I can kara upper
Play Yun at all