What things can you still not do in 3s?

cant kara the second fukage with makato, can do the first one, not the second

fukage i think is the dp p, standing uppercut

I have trouble doing kara’s still. Lack of 3rd Strike comp in my area hasn’t made me need it yet.

standing 720
a mid screen genei jin combo
use hit confirm properly
kara palm
charge partition
Urien Unblockable (only have dc version)
i don’t even know what a super jump cancel is nevermind do it

Not lose my cool in a tournament… and thus go 0-2.

  1. win

  2. have fun


Necro’s 6x d/b + fierce

I can’t explain why I continue to use Ken even though I’m better with Akuma. Ken just rules.

I can’t use Ken at all…yet I’m comfortable with Ryu and Akuma (hell, I’m even more comfortable using SEAN than Ken…)

Complete the game!! i bought it for my xbox and only played it a couple of times… damn you halo 1 and 2!!!

  1. Not get bored (this has just recently come upon me . . .)

  2. Not have a super badass Akuma

I ONLY play dudley and yun now…

I can:
-Karapalm at a 90% ratio… in match, ask anyone in XBL forums.
-hit confirm f+hk > super with dudley

Need to learn:
-Every other hit confirm
-Divekick distances
-Ko ender

React to attacks and parry… but my reaction time already sucks, and I’m very, very lazy. Double mid-screen Shoryuken with Ken… I did it twice on Necro, but maybe I didn’t kara the shit there, and just did regular Shoryukens… Taking a loss (in anything). Like last night, I was playing a good player on Live… he had great defense, and always tricked me by going just out of throw range… so my response was to try to throw the bitch on the floor on every chance I got. I can’t do Ken’s MP-HP-Hadouken-super, either.

  • improve reaction
  • better success % of kara throws
  • some hit confirms
  • standing 720

charge partitioning from dashing back and forth

For the life of me I can’t get Makoto’s fierce xx kick super after a command grab with her in the corner.

it’s meaty hop kick, short x ex slashes

I can’t spin kick, jab reset, KKZ with Akuma.
My defense sucks at times.

I can do everything with Yun and Yang though and have good offense.

Play Makoto/Q/Twelve/Necro effectively.

Parry any special moves over 2 hits in a match consistantly.

super on the left side

charge partitioning :sad: