What ticks me off about wolverine

His claws don’t fit in his arms…

The red lines are the length of his claws.

How do they fit in there?!:wow:

Telescoping claws/blade… obviously!


Because comics/Video games

His arm is at an angled perspective in your pic, and his claws look like they’re directed more inwards. Either way meh.

why would you even care about this… a mod needs to lock and/or delete this pointless thread

Sorry, is it against the rules pointing something out about the astethics of a character? That’s not sarcasm I’m genuinely curious. Do people not comment on alternate costume packs and such in these threads? What’s the difference?

At any rate, I care because I think it looks stupid, and there’s plenty of people out there who do allow things (like appearance or popularity) other than the character’s gameplay to dictate whether or not they add them to their team, and that’s really the discussion I was attempting to start.

Have you ever considered the fact that if Logan were to bend his wrist while popping his claws he’d likely slice his hand open? What bugs me is that Wolverine doesn’t regen life automatically in this game but, other game mechanic things were done for the sake of staying true to various characters.

His claws aren’t nearly as long in the comics. Even I was like “Why the hell are his claws so long?” when I first saw gameplay.

Because video games

It’s a…

V i d e o g a m e !!!

because longer claws are badass. look at x-23’s they look like forks.

It usually depends on the comic artist on how long they draw them.

I don’t know why, but this made me laugh pretty hard

We know its a videogame sarcastic posters :slight_smile: If they made a Bible-The Game and made Jesus Japanese with an afro and made him a huge flamer, that’d be wrong right? Video Game or not.

And also, I freaking love his Claws :stuck_out_tongue: I always wondered if he had to wipe his nose and accidentally went all clawstile (Hostile pun) what would happen?

It’s not a matter of realism, (if it was, I’d have a bigger issue with the magical dog flying around) it’s a matter of art design and context. If Capcom decided to give wolverine a big head and a tiny body, chibi style, but the rest of the marvel cast was in proportion, that wouldn’t make much sense would it? Not because big headed people don’t exist, but because it would be a poor art design decision.

It’s an issue of context because while granted, sometimes in the comics an artist will draw wolverines claws too large for his forearms, its usually just for a few panels for dramatic effect. Or one particular artist takes some artistic liberties but then draws the entire comic in a similar style. In MVC3 it’s a 3d model that doesn’t change, in a scene that never changes, in an art style that just doesn’t fit the exaggerated claws. Wolverine’s entire character is built around the fact that he has claws in his forearms, not that he has some magical blackhole in his forearms. In my opinion I don’t think it makes sense in the context of the character or art style.

This game features men shooting fireballs from their hands and giant floating heads, 'nuff said.
This thread has no use.