What time does Evo World start and spectator fees

What time does the BYOC and event open on the 18th? What time does the first tournament start? If an exact time is unknown, can anyone give a rough estimate? I’m going to be driving up there that morning and would like to get there in time.

If anyone knows which tournaments are happening on which days, that info would be appreciated as well.

Finally, do spectators pay the $20 cover charge? I have a friend who wanted to come and watch.

Would appreciate any info, thanks.

It’s free for people who want to watch and play in the BYOC.

Tournament starts at 9am on friday (same with BYOC). While it is free for spectators, playing in the BYOC requires the cover charge to be paid in full, and the person to be wearing a lanyard.

If the tournament starts at 9am on friday when can I do onsite registration?
Oh yeah can I drink in the tournament hall like people were at evo east(so i heard/read somewhere).

I didn’t see anyone with a beer. I’m pretty sure they were drinking water, because there was a bunch of juggs of water.

people were drinking at evo east. wow that’s crazy.
people getting drunk of water. Hyphy!

How much would the cover charge be for the BYOC section ? Also is it pay one time only or by day ?

Thanks for the replies MrWizard and Rickstah.

It’s a one time fee, paid either by July 29th for the $20 price or by August 12th for $30. Check the “Early Bird Registration” and “Registration” sections on http://www.evo2k.com/finals/ .