What time is evo expected to end?

I am trying to plan my return flight. What time is evo expected to end on Sunday? I cannot find a schedule for the tournament. I am hoping to save one night of hotel cost and get a return flight around midnight. Realistic?

IRCC it ended about midnight eastern time last year. Which would be about 9pm in Vagas? Is this correct? But with SF4 being 3/5 sets, it is going to be a much longer Top 8 than ever.

Did it really end as early as 9pm last year? Fuck how drunk was I…
Years past though, every sober year I remember it ended much closer to midnight (Vegas Time) than 9pm. Pretty sure we went over once or twice.

Could me my memory. Maybe it was 1-2am EST?

Anyways, I decided to stretch my hotel stay another night so it doesn’t matter anymore.

It ended around 11pm last year…

We are shooting to end this year around 9pm PST

Come on Wizard: u know tourny always run on TST (tourny Standard Time), that 9pm PST is most likely 11pm PST. Just stay an extra night, beside, its last chance for you to break even for the trip.

9 games…
Just get one more night at the hotel, you are going there to have fun, not worries man