What time is your flight out of Vegas?

I booked a midnight flight out of Vegas so I could be back in time for work on Monday (I live/work in NY). I definitely want to stay until the end of grand finals but I know last year’s EVO ran late. Should I plan to be taking a Monday morning flight out?

Remember the basic airport rule, be at the airport three hours before your flight. You don’t want to be messing this up. So considering the last matches on Sunday (SSF4) are scheduled to happen at 11pm, and considering that it’s very, very possible that it runs late, you’re not going to be able to watch all finals and take a midnight flight. To be honest, if you’re serious about not wanting to miss your Monday at work, you’ll probably have to miss out on half of Sunday finals, unless you plan on like 40h without sleeping. Don’t forget that you’ll be losing 3 hours coming eastward home.

I always count a whole day down for plane travel to the west coast. For the past two years, I just asked for Monday off, and took a noon flight. It’s soooo much simpler that way.

3 hrs is crazy overkill for domestic flights. For international, absolutely, but for a domestic flight you will be fine getting to the airport an hour before your flight, especially late at night when lines are shorter.

However, I would say that you are unfortunately likely to miss the last 2-3 matches of SSF4 if you have a midnight flight.

Flight? Please. I’m only a 4 hour drive away. :smiley:

My flight leaves at 6:30am Monday morning. I’m pretty much planning on just staying up all night Sunday and getting what sleep I can at the airport and on the plane ride home. Wish I could’ve got a later time, but the airline I went with (Allegiant) only has that one flight available that day.

my flight leaves at 6:10 monday morning but ssf4 will probably run late and by the time everyone goes and eats afterward it will be time to be at the airport.midnight flight wont cut it.

same here 6am monday flight which is pretty much what i wanted anyways. by that time, all the action is done and i probably cant wait to get my broke ass out of vegas.

I leave at around 6:30 PM Monday, overnight flight back to Newport News/Williamsburg Intl. I have like three flights in between though lol