What title do you doods use online?






Emperor, with the Zangief flag. Looks baller.


I switch to my alter-ego username “swt lil azn girl” and I use the Sakura cube icon + Rose’s title “Sexy”


the free Sakura icon that you get just for playing a few matches online and the wood background “Half Baked” title.

I got the sakura cube head because I did the hard trials :lovin:


“In a class by myself” <- because I suck so much.
And one of the flower crown/halo thing icon, which is totally boring.


Sakura face cube and Dan’s “Taunt Master” or something. It’s a shame all the cool titles are the silver ones, I’d really love “Cherry Blossom” to be a gold one, I’d totally use that if it was :slight_smile:


Cherry Blossom and Dashing Sakura.


I use the dashing Sakura icon with the gold title “charmer”


Block Head Sakura with Ryu’s No Home No Job title.


the greenish sakura head with green ‘elite’ title to match with my alternate costume #4 :slight_smile:

but right now i’m rocking gen’s head and ‘strike from darkness’ title :confused:


Block head Sakura, and for the tag I like to switch between “Moe” and “I Like Cat” depending on what time of day I play.

but I really want a cammy cube head…


chicken noggin with the ryu headband chick.

because its cute.


“Chillaxin” :smokin:




Ahhh mine’s is “No Good At Games” with the sakura flag :lovin:


Cube Sakura and Imitator title :3


Same as mine! How bout that! Now you must challenge me.

I chose No Good At Games, cause, I’m not. That’s why Sak and I have the bond. THAT BOND dammit!


fledgling fighter with the plant that is barely budding. people give me shit after i beat them saying i was faking being new


i used “moe” when i played her.


I use Sakura dashing with her Imitator title. She and I learned how to fight through imitation.