What to ask for at Kinkos

Tomorrow I am going to kinkos to get my artwork for my madcatz stick printed and just had a few questions.

How should i take the image? CD, Flash drive, sd card? Does it matter?

Also what do i ask for?

This is my first time doing custom artwork so i have no idea what to tell them to do. All i know is that it needs to be printed and then lami labeled.

btw here is my artwork a friend did for me


I’ve always brought my stuff on a flash drive, not sure if it really matters what you use though. From what I hear, you should have it printed full size rather than size to fit. Have it printed on non-glossy card stock. And ummm I think that’s about it. Oh and if it comes out crappy don’t let them charge you for reprinting. Nice artwork btw!

thanks man. What type of file do you bring? Is it just the psd file or do you convert it to jpeg or something else for them to print it?

I always brought stuff as PDFs. JPEG is fine too though but PDF should print with better results. I don’t think they will be able to use PSDs.

ok thanks. I hope it comes out awesome. :slight_smile:

Is the art supposed to say “BONEDADDY” instead of “BONDADDY”?

bondaddy, its an inside joke with my friends lol

Psd files are fine they have Photoshop on all there computers just make sure you have you layers straight the kinkos I went to could not do modifications to individual layers

make sure you take off all the template lines before you print

I went to 2 different Kinkos and my artwork always turned out bad. The Lami-liable glossy finish was spotty. Looked like dirt on the art.

thanks for the info everybody, i got busy today so im going tomorrow. about how much do they charge for the print and the lami label? i hope mine doesnt come out bad =(

just make sure you have a good print before doing the lami label it’s like $2 for print $4-5 for lami label, that was for a SE a TE is prolly more and sometimes they don’t carry the bigger lami and they have to order it

I had to go to 2 different kinkos the other day to get a good print all their printers had different issues some lines and some with bad color

Yeah unfortunately going to kinkos can be a crap shoot. Stores in different areas can vary greatly in quality.

went to kinkos today to get my artwork printed and now its on my stick. i still need to order 6 green buttons a black ball top and a green bezel to finish the look but i will post pictures later. unfortunately none of the kinkos in san antonio had lami label so i just got it laminated and bought elmers adhesive spray and it worked really well.

Is there a reason for this?

yes. If you are even 1 mm off in your cutting, the lines will show up around your turbo and buttons. Turn it off and it won’t look so fucked up if you make a little mistake.

You should use tek-innovations.com instead.

where is the best place to find the templates lately?