What to burn Batman's meter on?


Because I honestly haven’t found anything useful yet other than just stockpiling it for his super or clash. I can get a 44% combo without it, and only seem to be able to break 46% with it. I’ve seen the demo combo video, but I don’t really care about super situational combos where you have to have a specific stage and the opponent has to be in an exact spot.


Outside of super and clash, mainly zipline (both versions) and ex anti-air batarang to extend combos depending on what you opened with. I mean yeah, if you land 112 or 223 you don’t need to waste meter, but say your combo starts with air to air j2, anti-air or long distance bats, anti-air d2, 123, etc. the difference between a meterless combo and a 1 bar combo is significant.

Also can use ex (forward) batarang explosion to anti-air people trying to jump over it, or just for extra damage in a projectile war or whatever. Slide ex is just free damage if you land slide for whatever reason and want to spend the bar.


EX Batarang is also awesome to get frame the advantage aaginst your opponent and for some nasty pressure(112, ex batarang is nasty). But like traxus said your not always going to get a combo from a 223 or 113 string, in which case you can spend a bar to add some damage with an ex skygrapple or horizantal grapple extesnion. I also like to use ex batarang to extend combos in the corner, not so much midscreen becuase the timing can be tight especially against smaller characters.

For the most part you are right, many of batmans pressure strings and combos dont require meter( b23 pressure and short combos into b23 and grapple especially). Its a huge advantage becuase you now have meter for clash, ex b3 and f3, ex interactables, and ex batarangs to chip them out at the end of the match.

On a side note someone not as lazy as me should def start up a Batman thread here :slight_smile: