What to call our new game

We had.

  • street fighter 4
  • super street fighter 4
  • super street fighter 4 arcade edition
  • super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012

There is a pattern.

When i search online, I want to get what I’m looking for.
Now I don’t know about most people but I love this game, only one I play, and I don’t…I just don’t wanna see videos of any of the other but 2012, I just don’t care.

So when searching or talking about it, It’s just easier to use “2012”

or "Street Fighter 2012"
Ya I seriously don’t wanna have type out…super street fighter 4 arcade edition, in youtube, on srk, google, any where.

This may sound like a senseless rant, but it means something to me, I hope I’m not the only one who sees it this way.

Just say “sf2012” “2012” or “street fighter 2012” then our searches become easier, I would think.

still saying street 4, or ae.

why though? ae could mean ae and not the 2012 ae, so youre someone who wont get 2012? the free patch.
I’m confused already.


Why is this even a topic? I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever played the game will know what you are talking about.

I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

i vote for George

SSF4 George

i call old AE unleaded, and new AE premium

SF4= Vanilla.
SSF4= Chocolate.
SSF4 AE= Strawberry.
Therefore SSF4 AE 2012= Neapolitan.

I call all versions Street Fighter 4

utterly stupid, don’t ever talk to me about which version and have us both getting confused cause you’re so vague…gosh darnit!

im calling it 2012 or ae 2012…fudge the rest of you who want to make yet another thing more complicated…gosh!

who doesn’t have the most recent version? fuckin no one. no one is talking about the older versions, you can just call them street fighter 4 and people will know what you’re talking about.

but pc doesn’t have 2012
oh wait

i’m sorry i forgot my place
forever a pc pleb…

Upper dash!


its already decided.

SSF4 George

Chill, dude. It’s not a big deal.

Street Fighter 2012 The Final Fight

Because noone will play AE without that patch.