What to do about Judgement in Third Strike?


Well, Evolution didn’t pass without any controversy. However, I personally didn’t like the idea of Tom Cannon saying how he learned his lesson and that if another Judgement happened they’d just let it happen.

 I've already expressed my opinions on Judgement in the other thread. However, I still believe that Judgement should not be a factor in Third Strike tournaments. It's simply an impractical judging system.

  The problem with what happened at Evolution, in my opinion, was that the staff was not prepared for Judgement if someone had already won a round. The ruling to replay the match was based on if Judgement came up after both players had already won a round.

   The way I see it, there are three possible solutions.

   One: Do what the game does when there's a double KO. Both players win a round. If it was the first round, the player who wins the next round wins. If only one person has won a round, then that player wins. If both players had one round, then replay the game, both players must pick the same character and super. Sadly, this is how I think it should be, which means that Ricky would have won.

   Two: Do it GGXX style. If one person has already won a round then only the player who doesn't have a round already gets a round. If the player that already won a round wins the judgement, then replay the game.

  Three: Have some staff record how much super each player has then reset the match, giving each player that much super before restarting whatever conditions were in effect at the start of the round. (Meaning which players had won how many rounds.) 

  I guess method three was what happened at EVO2003. In any event, I think that it'd be a good idea to have some sort of general acceptance on how to handle Judgment calls in the future, as I think letting Judgement stand is a horrible idea.


Its part of the game, the game was designed that way, if a judgement happens in japan, it counts. So deal with it.


Wow, based on what I’m reading, it sounds like the 3S tourney sucked for the US because of this.


well goes both ways. sucked for ricky cuz he would have won. but he most likely would have gotten peaced out by INO or KSK. I don’t think he has a lot of experience fighting Alex. :slight_smile:

on the otherhand, Daigo showed he was better by dominating Ricky after the judgement, plus killing Ino/KSK and nearly coming back to beat KO.

IMO it made for a better finals since KO beat KSK pretty handily. Good shit Ricky tho, he is hardcore. Took out Ohnuki and Daigo in 3s.

one thing though, it was retarded how judgement came back in play after the ricky/daigo judgement. Either enforce judgement and ricky wins, or replay the games. Don’t change the rule just because it actually happened. I didn’t see the whole point of that.


Seriously? So then all the ST players should start dealing with Akuma?

The Japanese also exercise soft bans on Old Sagat and Vega. Should we start doing that too?

Not to mention they didn’t have MvC2 in their gigantic tournament. But I guess we dealt with that so why should this be any different?


Because noone cares about all those, if someone did care then we might look at it. Just like noone gave a damn about ‘solving’ judgement, why, cause it’s not a problem and never was. Just when people who have nothing better to do start overANALyzing it here does it seem like a problem. The rule IMO was just to shut people up with the thought of ‘nah, it won’t REALLY happen’. Unfortunately it did.

Just so noone gets the wrong idea, mopreme had some good points, and I enjoyed reading them. But that’s just because i write code, if i was making the next SF3 game i would take that into consideration. From a tournament perspective, it’s more detrimental to ‘fix’ it than to just leave it in, once the tie happens there isn’t a solution that makes sense, but judgement is the best thing to do, as evo proved.


I really don’t care if it’s counted or not. Judgement is stupid, but so are a lot of things.

Sure they have Judgement allowed in Japan. They also have single elimination, single match tournaments. They also don’t hard ban ST Akuma.

Regardless, Ricky didn’t lose because of the Judgement rule. Ricky lost because he failed to beat Daigo. There’s no one to blame but Ricky.

The rules were predetermined before Evo, so no one was given an unfair advantage.

Daigo was even a great sport about the whole thing and gave Ricky one more chance.

I can’t believe people are blaming Mopreme for this, it’s retarded.


After Ricky/Daigo, the only players left were Japanese, they didn’t want to bother with replaying rounds because they’re so used to playing with judgment already. I don’t understand why they should have to do what YOU want them to do, lose their momentum, cool off, etc. If the player had lost by judgment, they were OK with that. Just leave it at that… don’t FORCE them to replay it because YOU feel cheated.


Judgement, as SilverGear tried to explain it to me:

Judgement favors whoever has the highest score. If the scores are even, it’s determined by grade…your grade being determined by how well you parry, number of moves that connect (whiffing moves to build meter is bad…had Ricky run away that judgment round, he may have lost), reversing stuff, combos, etc. If grade is the same, then it’s Player 1 default win. And I heard that there are also biased judges that pop up randomly…so there are judges that will always vote for Necro, or Ken, etc if they happen to appear during a judgement in one of his fights.

Almost all of these are complete BS. But hey, it’s in the game, so I guess they could allow it if they want…I don’t play 3S, so it doesn’t bother me. Them allowing judgement after the Ortiz incident did bother me, though…


I heard one rule was if the character is a chick, the judgement goes to them?? Hey I’m not sure and this is the first time I saw this thing happened. But can we just deal with what happened? I mean what the Cannon’s did pretty much summed up on what everyone (from what they said) agreed on. So replay the round with the guy having won the judgement up by 1 round. That’s about right.

But dude even so, Daigo gave Ricky a chance to have 1 more match (what was suppose to be a 2-3 turned out to be 3-5 games). Lets just give grats to Ricky for beating Daigo and putting him in the losers and beating Ohnuki. Ricky did well, and much props to him. And from what Mr.Wizard said, judgement is allowed in Japan, I bet Daigo accepted his defeat. But it isn’t, cause everyone agreed on it, and a replay was done. Controversy? I don’t think it was since it was agreed upon even before Evo happened. Should we let this little thing affect the 3S scene? I hope not, cause if Ricky did well in this tourney don’t ya’ll think he can do better next year? Just my opinion on this.



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Dammit, only one Judgement Controversy thread allowed!


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