What to do after a missed hit

after my oppent misses a move and is about to land what should i do? because sometimes i get ready and mess up for waiting and do a simple move so is there any simple combos i can do after the do a move that makes them land in front of me, with no meter and with some meter

well if he’s like RIGHT there for free u can pretty much do anything you want

fierce > EX donkey kick (hcf+kk) > srk
fierce > EX srk
forward > short donkey kick

than what the most damaging combo with out any meter at hand ?

fierce xx shoryuken?

Well, in terms of dizzy,

standing fierce -->Joudan Kick/Donkey Kick/whatever the hell the name is for this kick.

If you have the opportunity to land a Donkey Kick, take it.

F into donkey kick seems to be it ok thanks

No, without meter, if you want damage, do fierce -> fierce shoryuken, if you want stun, do fierce -> forward joudan

For that matter, even if you have meter, you should save it for when you don’t have such an easy opening, unless you’re sure using EX or super would kill them. If you must use an EX, when you punish them, you should definitely do fierce -> EX joudan -> fierce shoryuken. Otherwise save it for supers/EX fireballs.

fierce dp and mk joudan take the same amount of stun. fierce dp and rh hurricane kick inflict the most damage. mk joudan is the most reliable though. sometimes spin kicks and dps whiff if not executed at a proper distance

does rh hurricane kick do same amount of stun as fierce dp?

does slightly less stun. all hurricane kicks do the same amount of stun, i think 15 stun points. all jourdan kicks do 17 stun points. dragon punches do different amounts. i believe jab dp is 13 stun points, strong dp is 15 and fierce dp is 17


the most damaging combos are j.hp, c.hp, hk hurricane

whenever u parry, just go c.hp, ex joudan, hk hurricane
that is a very high damaging punish for a parry

everything’s been mentioned, pretty much. just a couple of clarifications though.

  1. if possible, always start your combo with s. fierce or c. fierce. Tatsumaki or Joudan are what i’d recommend on using. Shoryuken isn’t as safe as the 2 kick moves because Ryu doesn’t have as much range on his as Ken or Akuma do. and speaking of Shoryukens, don’t bother using EX Shoryuken in a clear cut combo. damage is almost identical to a fierce Shoryuken. i’d only use it on wake up if you predict a hit attempt or to link from Ryu’s towards + fierce. having said that, Joudan is actually your best bet because it will nail even crouching characters whereas Tatsumakis will sail above some crouching characters.

  2. if it’s out of fierce range, use c. forward. sometimes, you’ll be completely out of Tatsumaki or Joudan range, so if you hit with c. forward, use EX Hadouken. Shinkuu Hadouken if you have a super.


LOL haven’t been here in a while and what?! damn my thread is the second one here still…damn ok I use SA3 so dicuss what how is the best to use it. i DP then shin shoryuken

SA3 but you Shoryuken xx Shinshoryuken? you’re confused :shake:.


if you’re talking about Denjin, there are several ways of setting it up. most of the time, you’ll want to get them into the corner, because the less space between you and them as they’re getting up, the better. sure, if they parry you can probably hit them. but that’s not really the point of using the super, now is it? so here are the set-ups i like to use:

  1. back throw into corner -> jab Hadouken xx Denjin.

  2. c. forward or c. fierce -> Tatsumaki into the corner (you’ll land before they hit the ground) -> activate Denjin.

  3. as they’re getting up, c. forward -> fierce Shoryuken xx Denjin. it doesn’t matter if they get hit or not (but all the better if they do). by the time they realize that you super cancelled, you’ll have charged Denjin for at least 2-3 hits. that equals close to half stun, or more. you can vary c. forward with s. fierce.

there are some more, but the above 3 are my faves.


my offensive run is c.s,c.s,s.s+s.f,c.s,s.s+s.f,c.s,s.s+s.f,etc. untill they jump or catch on. If they jump ill do shinshoryuken right up their ass.