What to do after a qcb+P Clap?

I find myself stupidly doing the same thing, and I need to mix it up more.

What combos after a connected (hit) jab clap?

What are some good clap strings? (HP clap, LP clap, Sweep, etc)

…and just kick down whatever followups you might use or other clap tricks.


After blocked clap:

  • sweep (d.MK)
  • s.MP
  • 360 if close enough
  • dash
  • s.HP
  • 360+K
  • walk up 720
  • another LP clap
  • psychic shootdown/t+HP

ooh! here’s one I’ve seen… whiff clap into SPD/720. Make them think you’re actually trying to connect with the clap, but do it just a bit earlier so it whiffs, an grab them when they try to block/parry. To be used in meaty situations, like when they’re getting up off the ground, or landing from the air (after air-to-air LK for example)

If someone could tell me some uses for the EX clap, that would be great too… i don’t know where to use it except in juggles. …and even then, do you REALLY need it? I guess that depends on your choice of SA.

Haven’t you already answered all your questions already? lol…

I did?? I must be a Hugo master then! :slight_smile:

Seriously though, there must be some stuff I’m missing… there’s always more to learn!! It never hurts to ask right?

Generally, after a blocked HP Giant Palm Bomber, I’ll just dash in, jump, do a cross-up Body Press, and then pull off a c. LP -> c. LP -> Hammer Frenzy. If I don’t do that, I’ll either tick a Moonsault Press or land an LP Giant Palm Bomber and then link a c. MK. You very rarely ever have to use a Shootdown Bacbreaker after a blocked HP Giant Palm Bomber.

aaah… cool man! I’ll try that!

usually after a clap i make use of the awesome frame advantage and have a picnic lunch in front of my competitor, always hoping for a parry after clap for moonsault/gigas

just wanna know something about qcb+p, i know if an opponent parries it you can cancel it into a gigas, but can u get a normal 360 after they parry the qcb+p?


16 qcb.LP
18 qcb.MP
19 qcb.LP, c.LP
20 qcb.HP
20 qcb.LP, LP
23 qcb.MP, c.LP2
25 qcb.MP, LP
2 (HARD)
25 qcb.HP, c.LP2
27 qcb.HP, LP
28 qcb.HP, MK
29 qcb.PPP
31 qcb.HP, c.MP
32 qcb.HP, c.MK
35 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, MK
35 qcb.HP > qcb.LP
35 qcb.HP, MP
38 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, c.HP
39 (CORNER) qcb.PPP > SUPER#3
40 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, j.HK
40 (CORNER) qcb.HP, f.HP
41 (CORNER) qcb.HP > HP
42 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, d.HK
42 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, HK
43 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, qcb.LP
43 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, f.HP
44 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, move forward, HP
45 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, qcb.MP
45 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, uppercut.HK
47 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, qcb.HP
50 (CORNER) qcb.PPP > qcb.HP > SUPER#3
50 qcb.PPP, hcf.KKK
50 (CORNER) qcb.PPP, hcf.MK
53 qcb.HP > qcb.MP > qcb.LP (HARD in the corner)
55 (CORNER) qcb.PPP*2
57 qcb.HP > SUPER#3
60 (CORNER) qcb.HP > c.LP > SUPER#3
63 qcb.HP > qcb.LP > SUPER#3 (HARD)

Try qcb+HP, qcb+LP, cMK
and qcb+HP, qcb+MP, qcb+LP, cMK (this one works only on crouching opponents, tight timing but not too hard. Mad damage, mad stun)


46 qcb.HP > qcb.LP > c.MK
47 (opponent crunched) qcb.HP > qcb.MP
65 (opponent crunched) qcb.HP > qcb.MP > qcb.LP (HARD)

I couldn’t do the last one.

Time the claps at different intervals, afterwards link SA3 and hold down the p until you reach the opponent, otherwise you don’t get all the hits.

MadHax, hey dude,sup :slight_smile: Interms of the parry into 360, I shouldn’t think its possible cos at the end of the day you cant cancel special move into special move (even though there is a parry interuption).

Hey man, i’m cool thanks, and thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hate to bump an old thread but I sort of found a useful combo…

standing opponent qcb fp -> qcb mp -> forward fp

Yes it works, you can combo a fierce clap and a medium clap on a standing opponent, timing is tight but that gives you plenty of time to see if he’s standing or crouching. Obviously if he’s standing then you can link a standing forward fp, if he’s crouching then you can do the qcb lp -> mp combo. Either one does 3/4 stun on ryu.

qcb fp -> qcb lp -> slap is a lot easier but the above version does stun like crazy… practice it and ppl would be scare to try to parry your clap on wake up (of course you got to mix it up with miss clap -> 360/720)…

qcb+p parry then 360 not advisable too slow its should be with 720… or SA3.

is qcb p -> parry -> 720 even worth it?
i would just do that to bait someone that likes to parry the clap

that’s the point you make them parry…you make a setup if they don’t parry then do some mixups…

when do you use ex+clap? is it any good?. i do that on desperate moments…

good question. :confused:

haha ex clap is crap… the only time that you’d want to use that is to chip away their last bit of health… but then everytime i do that i would get supered… hehe

Do you guys know if it’s possible to do m clap -> l clap on a standing opp? I’ve spent like 20 min in practice mode and I think I’ve done it like 2-3 times? But I’m not really sure as it seems ppl get stunned a bit longer if you stun them after the m clap. It’s even harder than f clap -> m clap on standing opp so I think I’m giving up.

I’ve been watching some Hayao and Ysb vids and those guys combo claps in real matches all the time. Stunning ppl with Hugo is just so much fun. But I’ve realized that even a f clap -> l clap -> mp is not that easy to do. Well the claps are easy to connect but the mp won’t always combo and a lot of times the claps might push your opp too far. Can you guys get that combo to connect all the time?