What to do after Chuns SAII

Do anyone know the character specfic follow up’s after Chun’s SAII

After saII hits, take a nap, wait till another saII is ready and do it again.
Maybe that, or use her kara srk.

…uhm, no rly what do u mean? After the hyper jump cancel?
I always go for rh, cause it has good dmg, works on all the characters, works almost 100% in lag connections and in all versions of the game with little to no timing adjust.

But there are lots of character specific possibilities. I like down mk and then down hp best. But this only works on Q. Down mk & hk works on chun, elena, twelve & necro. Down mk into another down mk works on ryu, ken, gouki, makoto & urien. Fierce/fierce works also on most if not all characters. Down fierce works also on all.

After super jump cancel I generally use HP+HP on everyone.

like ni-ten said, Hk’s the best…

I used to do the down mk thing after doing a super jump cancel, but then I got too lazy to memorize who it works on, so I just stuck with HK since it works on everyone and does good damage.

I usually do down+MK then LK on Chun.

Depending on meter ill try a few different things.

  1. SA2 Sj cancel, UOH in air, land, poke mix-up (with less than 1.5 bars at start)
  2. SA2 SJ cancel, UOH in air, land charge EX Spinning Bird kick the wake-up (with around 1.5 bars at start of combo.)
  3. SA2 SJ cancel, UOH in air, land, UOH on falling opponent from the ground, SA2 again. (with two full bars.)
  4. Do all of number 2, except dont charge the Bird kick, instead Back HP and meaty a possible wake up. (1 bar required.)
  5. SA2, SJ cancel BACKWARDS. While opponent is recovering, spam B.HP to build meter. (but you do get a lower rank for whiffing so much.)

Does this help? None of these are really character specific, though combo 3. is really hard to pull off, even on Hugo. For more advice and stats on it, check out the thread called “Chun-Li comboes.”

Just memorize and do the best one for each character. I know, it’s easier to just do one thing all the time and the difference in damage is minimal, but it’s not like you’re memorizing Genei Jin combos or anything. And if you can get a little bit better damage for minimal effort, why not just do it?

and Spanky, you can’t do an UOH in the air

what i meant to say was m.p. because animation looks pretty much exactly the same as a UoH, but in the air. Sorry about the mix-up.

thanks much cap spanky

No problem hope it helps. Also, if someone can help ME out, if you jump in hp, land c.mk, super cancel SA2 + followup, does this eliminate the need to hit confirm the c.mk? As in, if the HP connects, will this link into the c.mk which can cancel into the super? Therefore, giving you more time to decide whether or not the SA2 will connect.

No its a reset, so they can defend against it.

To op, just do whatever you want. Some people go for resets to try to go for another combo. I personally like down+mk, and hk. Probably the highest damage thing you can do.

ok thanks. I got it alot of times against the computer, and I tried it in the arcade. I think the jump in hp to a low kick served as a decent mixup, and caught a few off guard, but now that I think about it, I wouldnt want to jump in hp anyway because we ALL know how “AMAZING” Chun’s jump in game is…

Ok, so I was just at the arcade, and I finally landed a Double SA2 combo. I was playing against Hugo, so I dont know how valid this is on other characters. But, I did c.Mk, xx, SA2, superjump cancel, in air HP. (only one) land UOH, xx. SA2.
It worked and it won me the match. Im positive it works, as I did it earlier this evening. Im not sure if the set up works on all characters, but Im sure it will. Just remember, you NEED to beat your opponent back to the ground so you can do the UOH before they land, otherwise they can block.

They were probably not blocking. You can block as soon as you land. Try it in training mode.

yeah, what pherai said, 100% guaranteed

Yeah they can block, but it’s a good mix up after all…you can do the Kara-UOH that’s more safe than the normal, but check the distance, because some characters are more tiny or fat and they use more space on the corner.

Like I said, I did it on Hugo, he hadnt landed yet. That’s why he couldnt block. Otherwise, I said in my previous post that they can block if they land… its in the last part of my post…

edit: just went into training mode. I got the UOH out after the HP and I tried it again with MP. Unfortunately, Im unable to do the SA2 right after the UOH, so… I guess for now ill bow down and admit defeat, but Im almost positive this is a valid combo… though, the Hugo I was playing wasn’t a scrub, so… I dont really see why he wouldnt block… especially when I had 1 bar of meter left… oh well.

@Zen: What Kara cancels into the UOH? s.MK?

if it was, you would have seen it somewhere else - sorry but it doesn’t work like that

well, its not like its a random combo i just made up, someone else ont he forum told me it worked… but, I’ll cease and desist and try to find an easier, more devastating combo… any ideas?