What to do after I knockdown the opponent

There are many situations where I’ll knockdown an opponent to stop their momentum but I have no idea what to do after that. If I’m fighting a character with a DP wakeup any and all jump-ins are rendered useless and most other characters just block my stuff. I’ve resorted to either waiting or just charging up a hadouken and letting it go above them to put pressure on.

So what do you do after a knockdown?

It all depends on what caused the knockdown, the character you’re fighting and how good the other player is. There’s no definitive answer, but you should at least be doing something. Focus bait, jump in, overhead, charged hado, lk tatsu, throw etc. just know what your options are and keep mixing them up.

There is of course no one thing to do. Throw, cross-up lk, back-dash, sit and block, nj.mk, cross-over lk shunpu. Mindgames. You can’t afford to not pressure wake-ups with Sakura since she doesn’t really have many damage setups. And by pressure I of course don’t mean to always attack.

meaty cross ups, throw, throw fake back dash letting they reversal whiff, j.hp crossups,

dependend of match ups, jumping, meaty cr.lk, lk shunpu

many options u should have to mix to be unpredicable.

as a start learn your crossups. if your cross up is done right u can actually stuff the uppercuts. also jump in hp is and ambiguous cross up once u find the right spacing. throws are good unless your opponent is a flowchart ken like player. u just gotta figure out and adjust to your opponent

I like whiffing overheads. You can usually scare them into a reversal or high block.

But, as other people said, it depends.

comedy option: knock them down again.

Recently I started using j.HP to cross-up, or when one’s hitbox doesn’t allow it, trick people into blocking the other way into free combo. Especially after throw, take a li’l, liiiii’l step backwards and jump-in and you’ll be surprised how effective it is, sometimes you don’t even expect the cross-up.

Can you see I’m dying to finally get my j.MK back?

Thanks for the advice guys. The only real cross-up I know is the j.LK and I think the j.HP can sort of crossup but you have to do it right. And there have been a few situations where a Ken will DP on wakeup but i’ll be crossing up with a j.LK and it will knock him out of it because his shoryuken’s hitbox misses mine. Is that just a flook or something I can consider in how to keep my opponent guessing.

j.MK also crosses up, but it is near impossible to do.

Noticed I said near impossible, so don’t even bother with it. It will cross up in Super for sure though.

Usually the best option is to crouch and be prepared to tech throws.

If its untechable and its Guile; taunt.

works pretty fine in the corners, but still it sucks.

if done properly j lk when crossing over does beat out dp’s. its no fluke. and for j hp u dont necessarily need to cross over but it makes it look like your crossing over.

The main focus with Sakura is to give yourself a certain number of options after a knockdown. For the most part, people have mentioned the different things you can do after a knockdown, but it is up to you to figure out which of them will most benefit your game.

For instance, my game like most other Sakuras is to establish a close to medium range with your opponent. Practice the combo cr.mk–>shouken, and that pretty much illustrates the maximum range from which Sakura is comfortable attacking. In order to stay close to my opponent throughout the match, I may go for a lk or hp crossup, or I may LK tatsu and follow it up with a throw. After I have mentally trained my opponent to react after they get knocked down, it is then that I can fake a cross up, I can empty jump, I can bait a shoryuken etc.

The main thing is that you want to force your opponent to guess how to defend when the wake up, instead of being able to react to what you do.

Feints are generally your best bets here.
Things like doing a move over them like a fake crossup move, empty jumps.
There’s also charging up a focus and instead of releasing it, dash back to try to bait a reversal and punish from there.

Yeah that works too, but its very important to learn that spacing. You could always charge a focus attack and backdash for the majority of the match. Sooner or later you’ll catch the opponent off guard and hit them with a lvl 3 focus attack.

You can also do a Lv2 Focus (and back dash), since it’s much easier to time a Lv2 with them waking up you might just panic them enough and catch them unaware. Most decent players won’t fall for the ol’ FA and back dash out of it bait, be careful about certain character’s reversals can hit you in the back dash. Ryu and Dan’s Ultra come to mind, need to back dash early enough to block those.

ultimate knock down strategy, kick em while their down

tea bag em. I do that all the time in ranked. Just wiggle on top of them like you are buffering an ultra. Doesn’t make a difference though. They were gonna either jump back or mash dp anyway. Ranked nubs. Gotta love em!

Try whiffing an overhead and following up with meaty c.lk xx ex.tatsu
They will think the overhead is meaty and block high, then cl.lk will hit them low, and ex.tatsu will connect because they are standing. If they block it low, ex.tatsu will crossup on the other side and hit them on the ass (literally), but you will be open to throws afterward, but can still followup with attacks if timed correctly.
I usually do this setup after an otoshi, because they will either be really close to stun and that extra crossup will stun them, or they will be so scared of ex tatsu hitting them, that they wont react after getting hit that one time.
Sometimes even if they block low they [media=youtube]JZH1N81rhrk#t=2m03s"[/media], for no apparent reason, probably mashing out dp, super, ultra, or throw.

Proper timing after otoshi is walk up to their feet, do a jab, walk up to their hitbox, overhead, c.lk xx ex.tatsu.
Might want to practice cancelling c.lk into ex tatsu also, because otherwise youll get c.lk, s.lk, and it will just make you look like a “jab” masher and the oppenent will just turn on “auto dp turbo-mashing mode”