What to do after just defend?

I’ve recently made the move from C-Groove to K-Groove, and the only thing I’m not understanding is how to either do a move immediatly after a just defend, or do another just defend. am I just not getting the timing right, or is there something I dont know. thanks.

You’ve been here since 2002? How come you never post?

What you can do after a JD depends on what the move you JD’d was. If you JD’d Sagat’s far s.HP for example, you get a totally free hit on him afterwards. If you JD’d his s.LP however, there’s absolutely nothing guaranteed for you. Sagat still retains +1 frame advantage so your best bet is to JD again and keep your finger ready to tech throw.

Some more examples are if you JD’d all the hits of Chun-li’s charge d, u+K move, you get a free close s.HP xx super with a lot of characters. If you JD all the hits of Sakura’s qcb+HK move though, she’s still completely safe with around +/-0 frame advantage.

Again, it all depends on the move you Just Defended.

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