What to do against Akuma's ultra + triple hit fireball?


Late in the game, I am winning with about a third of my health, akuma has a sliver of health. Akuma keeps throwing the triple hit fireballs. Should I play for the clock win and just neutral jump? If I jump towards, he hits me with ultra.


AE? and you mean Akuma’s QCB fireball? That move has a really long recover frame, you shouldn’t have any prob dealing with spamming.


His fireballs only hit twice, if they’re the EX version.

And yes, if you’re winning, play defensively. Why make dumb risks in order to finish him off, when you know that HE has to come to YOU in order to win? So let him make his play, and counter it with a mediocre punish. Don’t just feed him a free anti-air ultra, play out the clock, because you know that he has to commit to a risk in order to win the round.

Jumping is, and always has been, a high-risk, high-reward move. So treat it as such. Only do it when you need to, and only at a time where they’re not expecting it.


It’s a triple hit fireball… the red fireball. It’s a half circle back with the heavy version hitting 3 times, the medium twice, and the light only once.

What if I’m behind? I just lost one where I jumped forward because I was a bit behind and he ultra’d me.


The red fireball has a LENGTHY recovery on top of an extremely telegraphed startup. If you’re anywhere near him (not fullscreen) you can jumpin and kick him in the face on reaction easily.


Just neutral jump over the fireball. He can’t punish you, you don’t take chip damage, and you don’t take any risky jump attacks.

Of course, if you’re in range, you can just jump and kick him in the face. The red fireball has a ton of recovery, more than enough for you to jump at him and punish his stupidity for throwing red fireballs at mid-range.

If you’re behind, you’re going to have to play patient, and look for opportunities to land damage. If there’s plenty of time on the clock, there’s no sense rushing at him. Slow down, use your head, and pick and choose spots where you can safely attack him without taking much risk to yourself.


You should try to get in range for a hit, like everyone is saying, he can’t spam for long because of the recovery time. Keep forward jumping his fireballs until you get in range or corner him.


If you’re out of range just neutral jump them and slowly move forward on the ground. If you’re out of range and jumping be sure to empty jump (don’t push a button in the air), this is probably why you are being hit by demons as you have recovery time before you can jump away from them


Fist of all, what character are you using? Record the match and post the video here so we can see exactly what you are doing.


Recovery on fierce shakunetsu looks like he’s in the matrix. Takes fuckin for ever. Jump forward fierce+combo=profit.