What to do against back dashers?



So guys, today I fought this Dudley and nothing I did worked against his back dash. Being unable to keep the pressure on, I lost to him several times, dropping down to 2600-ishPP from 3100PP!!!


If you know they are going to backdash you can always dash forward and SPD, on your opponent’s wake up you can also option select HP or HK.


Thanks! Can you enlighten me as to how I can OS HP or HK?


Do LP then LP+HK/HP if they block or get hit you do two jabs, if they backdash your OS comes out.


U2: the only true answer.


Does EX spire work?


EX Spire should work against some characters, but maybe not someone like Rose that covers a lot of ground.


You can OS ex spire depending on the range of the backdash. Sweep / st. hk would work too. I usually try to make a read with it. Meaty sweep hits them with the second one if they backdash. Dash forward spd works. U2 catches some backdashes.


If your opponent has a bad backdash, then just walk up and hit a button like your mediums or even heavies. It’s are less unsafe than an SPD and T.hawk’s buttons have some solid range on them.