What to do against Blanka when near death?

With most other characters, I have an idea of how I can pull off a miracle without ever getting hit again. I probably won’t get it, but I at least know how to make the attempt. Even against Guile, there’s one special spot where I can make him guess whether I’m jumping in with a mid kick (to beat Flash Kick) or empty for a grab. With Blanka, I don’t see any possibility of avoiding the chip death. Literally all he has to do is hold down charge and look for me to be in range of the hit. That range is far longer than any grab and I don’t know any jump-in attack that beats it. I know headbutt can beat it, but that’s not progressing at all. He can just ignore me until it’s safe to launch. I’m also puzzled about what to do against Lightning Cannonball in this case.
I refuse to ever give up my rounds automatically. I need to make him actually finish the fight at the very least. This mindset has given me miracles against other characters before, and I want to have a desperation strategy ready.

exgh beats his ultra. If he’s doing it meaty on your wakeup, I think you can get out with exgh. I’m not positive it works 100% of the time though. If you’re at point blank and standing and he ultras, you can focus the initial hit and release immediately to move under him without taking damage. The timing is a little tricky but it’s possible. You can’t dash out of your FA, you have to release it immediately. Gief’s dash isn’t going to move him forward enough but a whiff focus will. This is all referring to U1.

As for U2, I think you can jump the first hit on reaction and exgh as you land through the 2nd hit. I’m not positive, you might have to check it out in training mode.

Initially, I thought I could use EX glove on the Ultra, too. I was evidently proven wrong in a match yesterday. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a grab against it another time, though. I’ll have to do further testing on both and review the replay in question.
I’m not concerned with Shout of Earth. I don’t need any meter at all. I can just hop the lightning.

The EX GH escape only works at certain ranges. I think he’s got to be point blank. try that in training mode. And apparently you can cr.mp the ball at max height but timing is difficult, at best I’ve only gotten it to trade. Another training mode test. Thank goodness it doesn’t do AS much chip as it did in vanilla.

I must add that Seth/Rufus u2 is the same chip nonsense as Blanka’s but with vacuum effect. Dam I hate those guys

There are a couple home run in the bottom of the ninth miracles that work against Blanka. One being jab glove bait for ball to U1. I’ve caught several blankas out of a rolling ball with ultra for a very satisfying soviet damage finish.

The real move with low health against blanka is to try and bait him to try some idiotic full screen nonsense. Most blanka players will be annoyed by you turtling up and maintaining distance. Even good ones may try a fullscreen ball which can be lariated or jabbed. Remember to be distant on wakeup as wakeup ultra and ex ball beat everything you can try. Other than that you’re really just praying for a hailmerry empty jump or green hand to 360/720 situation.

I just discovered something great, though not really something I hope I have to use. Lightning Cannonball does not chip on the first hit (as he jumps up). You can also do something after block. This allows an adept player to use Siberian Blizzard in response! It’s hard as hell to do consistently, but I’m now cemented in my Ultra preference here.

Check this out


Most of those things worked in Vanilla only, you’ll get raped if you try them in SSFIV (Lariat for example).

Most of the things said here are true, especially for the Ultra 2 thing, since it also can grab any Blanka’s ball, not just the Ultra. In SSFIV, being near death against Blanka is not a very big deal if you know what you’re doing (and how to push Blanka in commiting mistakes). Against Rufus w/U2, it’s a real pain in the ass, I think the real problem is here…

It’s better to get hit just a bit by rufus’s u2 then take all the chip. If u can bait a u2 on wake up vs rufus and you do knees just right during a cross up the u2 hits you but knocks you out of it taking less damage then you would have taken with the chip. Diago vs Ricky o eve finals I think he did this with ryu first set round 2.

Most? I’d say the only thing that doesn’t work anymore is lariat, everything else works with the proper timing and space.

Good To Know.