What to do against crossups/ deep jump-in


This is always a big problem, and must be a fairly common question. What do you even do against these things? They can throw right away, tic throw, two hits and then throw, walk up throw, overhead, random dp, whatever. Where do you even start dealing with this aside from blocking down-back and trying to tech walk up throws?

I’ve been playing Yun, so I have no safe reversal and don’t have as easy of a crossup, so it’s getting really tedious.


I’m going to assume you’re talking about USFIV…

Well, first you have to ask yourself how you are getting caught by x-ups so often. If it’s people doing a blockstring then jumping, just jump back with fierce punch, or dash forward under them. You can also auto-correct DP, or hit them with a jab either to reset them or as they land for a full combo if you walk slightly forward to make their x-up whiff. cr.lk might go under certain x-ups as well.

If it’s on wake-up, most loose x-ups can be auto-correct DP’d. Or use DWU.

As for the follow-up, remember that unless the jump-in attack hits deep or has lots of blockstun (eg. off a hard attack) there’s usually a gap for you to do something before their next attack. Mashing backdash will get you out of most mixups. Mashing EX DP will beat their follow ups, but they could also do delayed throw after blocking. If the jump-in hits really deep, they can’t throw you immediately and you should be able to react to walk-up throw. However, they can also do cr.lk as you react to the throw. This is a mixup. Mashing backdash will evade both options. Mashing EX DP beats both options. Off deep jump-ins the follow-up is almost always a true blockstring unless it’s a throw or the opponent is intentionally delaying their attack. You cannot backdash or reversal out of the follow-ups if they don’t delay them.

At the end of the day, the safest option is really to just block and tech, and mash backdash between gaps.

It’s worth setting up the Training Dummy to perform some x-up strategies that you have trouble defending against and then trying out different things.


as ilitirit has already stated. if the opponent earns a deep jump in vs you, most of the time you’re best option is to block and late crouch tech.
after that you should focusing on escaping his pressure string.

the other option vs most characters is to reversal focus on your wake up and immediately back dash away. make sure you visually confirm which way to back dash. (like if it’s obviously a cross up, dash forward)
this forces the other player to react to you instead of just doing an option select with their jump in.

*at very high level, you can even hold the focus and back dash late to avoid their follow up sweep but this is very difficult and you should not worry about this until you get to pretty advanced play.