What to do against focussen dive kicks with Yun


Hey guys i was just wondering what the counter is if you are Yun and you have an opponent that just focussen your dive kicks and punishment you after they crumple you, ive tried to combo stuff like his upkicks straight after but it doesnt work. Is there anything you can do or do you really have to hit them super low so you can combo with a cr lp or something after they focus you?


If upkicks aren’t coming out then you’re not recovering from the divekick by the time they hit you and they’re punishing you for using divekick. If you’re getting punished for using divekicks then you should probably stop using divekicks. Full jump, or just don’t jump at all and approach from the ground.


Yea but i thought the dive kick is like Yun 101 its how you attack and how you start your mixups etc with him…


The dive kick is a tool you can use, not an unbeatable move. If you’re predictable with it you will be punished.


It’s just like Akuma and his demon flips. They’re incredibly important to his game, and they give you a lot of options, but if you spam them too much you will be beaten. Work on solid spacing and footies, go for divekicks when they wouldn’t expect it. Use it to punish their mistakes.


I think you might be hitting the opponent’s body too high if they get a crumple


you are being predictable if you keep getting focus crumpled


Aim your dive kicks to hit the legs, preferably the feet and you will see better results… Cross up dive kicks are weak to focus, you have to make sure your dive kick hits so high that you will still cross over if you hit a focus. Unfortunately, higher dive kicks tend not to combo on clean hit. You want to use your dive kick to get in and learn how to ground pressure once you are in. Dive kick mix ups are pretty much for wake up and corner situations. Outside of that, learn your overhead, command grab and frame trap mixups… If you want to focus only on dive kick pressure and mix up, you want rufus or to a lesser extent but with more options, cammy.

  • You are being too unpredictable with your dive kicks
  • You are not hitting them just below the knee’s ( or lower works even better) If you hit them right on the knee’s it should be safe enough to land and block/hard up kick in time, but it’s better to aim just below the knee’s so you know the worst place you will land is on the Knee’s.


  • Approach from the ground, stand just outside there sweep or farthest normal range. F. Fierce , St. Forward , Cr. Mk/ the godlike STANDING MEDIUM PUNCH :slight_smile: into shoulder works well if you have them scared or somewhat respecting you( just don’t over use it, cause it’s not a true block string in some cases) <- You’ll get a shit load of counter hits with the Light shoulder after for big damage and stun, cause people love to press buttons, to be honest it’s actually better that it’s not a true string.

  • play the neutral jump mind games, whiff normals, and go on for a deep forward jumping medium kick ( not to high cause you want to make sure it’s safe, cause most people mash DP if they get hit by a jumping attack that high… Those mind games work wonders with Yun’s medium and ESPECIALLY hard dive kick as well… learn how to hit them below the knee’s with a neutral jump dive kick and a JUMP FORWARD DIVE KICK and your Yun win rate will soar, you would be surprised with how many people can’t deal with a Yun player who know’s the dive kick game, even till this day. ( That’s probably why those kids were breaking Tv’s against S tier Vanilla AE Red Yun’s like Kazunoko’s and Daigo’s ) Haha’

  • Your air target combo Jumping light punch-Foward fierce, it’s two hits… What1? Focus can only absorb one hit!? Hehehe’

Top Yun players to watch
Hsien Chang

older footage but sick ass Yun’s to learn from cause alot of the stuff transfers over from vanilla AE to AE2012


one of three things happen when you jump at someone. either you attack deep enough to get a combo when it hits. you hit high to try to trick them into blocking so you can throw them when you land, or you empty jump. When you empty jump you can try to throw, you can try to attack, or you can block to bait out there counter. The reason I went through all that is if you are getting FA everytime then that means yo are doing the same thing everytime. If the guy FA your dive kick then empthy jump and throw. now the next time you jump hehas to choose between the two choices you have shown you are willing to make. next jump kick high and throw when you land. The next jump now he has to guess between the 3 things you did. If you divekick and only divekick, you tell the guy “hey I only divekick” which is just like playing rock paper scisiors and telling the guy across from you that you will only use rock