What to do against Gouken?

Hey guys im having a bit of trouble against gouken. I mean as cammy your game relies heavily on attacking and different mixups and jump ins and of course the cannon spike, however gouken has that annoying focus move and any jump ins pretty much get blown up, which just seems to completely limit and shut down my offense. On top of this he just has a ridiculous unpunishable super fast sweep that you cant do much about exept cannon spike if your reactions are good enough. any tips or advise you guys can give me on how to stop this troll character…

You’re Cammy. It’s Gouken. Just push all of the buttons.

Also this should be in the matchup thread.

all his palms are punishable on block, on wakeup emptyjump throw to bait his counter, actually I almost never go for the dives because they love to mash their EX Bongo or whatever its called. It’s easy to get past his fireball game tbh. Build Ultra 1 with focusing his fireballs. Absorb like 2 back off and wait until the grey damage is gone and try to get in again. Generally when you want to get in just don’t really jump. Walkup block > repeat. He will end up in the corner or he will try to get in on your (cr.mk > arrow or DP him if he jumps). Now you got a knockdown and he is almost dead especially if he has no meter.