What to do against Seth's dive kick resets?


If you just block correctly he SPDs you.


You mean in the corner? He has a couple of options, he can dp you, he can spd, he has a left and right mix up, he has an instant overhead into another left and right mix up, that’s pretty much all his options, you have to guess correctly.


Wow… so you are basically screwed?


That sounds like a problem. Lets remove Seth’s SPD, reduce DP invincibility by 1f, and make his divekick unable to connect after a headstomp.


bro u only play marvel games, wut u doin’ here in the SF4 station??

Anyways, jokingness aside I wanted to ask what character are you using? in order to give you a more accurate advice


I play Viper and Guile.


In the corner?



you can’t backdash or jump away?


Don’t get yourself into that position. Otherwise, try to make the right read. One correct guess on your part makes up for three correct guesses on Seth’s part.




Jumping isn’t going to work unless he SPDs, and SPD is generally the worst option for Seth in any situation risk/reward-wise - 150 damage on hit plus setup, >300 damage plus who-knows-what if it misses. Backdash is only going to work if you guess which side he lands on correctly, and risk/reward is very much in Seth’s favor when it comes to that, especially considering he can throw an OS backdash into his standard cr. LP hitconfirm.

@OP: Really, your general best bet is to just take as good a look at Seth as possible as you’re falling back to the ground and guess what side he’s on based on that. Jumping to avoid an SPD works if you read an SPD but it’s going to lose (painfully) to DP and just plain old hitconfirming, so I’d think before considering jumping, and think hard. Flash Kick is a potential option with Guile since its motion is side-agnostic, but considering you just got corner combo’d into toe taps, if Seth has around 2 bars and blocks your reversal you’re likely stunned or close to it.


Block/Reversal/Jump are essentially your options

Watch what he does as a block string and use that info as basis for making a read the next time. You may be able to block his mixup and reversal in the gaps in his blockstring, or neutral jump before his tandem/spd, or even possibly focus xx forward dash out of the corner if the situation presents itself.