What to do against veil of mist?



I am having a lot of trouble against Amaterasu who have a lot of meter and use veil of mist. Any tips on what to do during veil of mist? Cause I have no idea.

Blocking means I get grabbed.
Attacking means I get punished. (Not sure what is safe and what is not safe during veil of mist)
Up-backing means I get air grabbed.

Right now I am just blocking on the ground and throwing out lights when I think she will go for a grab.

Anyone know what else to do?


Just keep an eye on them while running away. Input a throw break when they get close to you.

There’s no secret to beating it since it doesn’t last long to begin with.


Chicken Guard + Good Breakaway Timing. I can do the first part but the 2nd part is my problem.


I wouldn’t recommend chicken guarding, not only does it make you throw bait it also gives ammy a better combo. Your options depend on who your using methinks, some characters just gotta sit back and not hit a button, it doesn’t last very long anyway so you don’t have to worry for too long. But if your gonna jump, I think a super jump would be more effective than an up-back(just theory fighting here, I’ve literally never fought an amaterasu player) since not only is it harder to just grab on reaction it also runs out more of the slow time and(I think) it makes it harder for ammy to combo off. Of course I could be completely wrong, only one way to find out I guess.


If your character can get in the air and stay there, do that. Frank eest do his plunger to stall, Mags/Doom/Sent just fly away, the only characters who can press buttons against mist is like Zero,Vergil and like spencer.

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I disagree with using the air escapes unless you are able to fly and at that be relatively good at fly/unfly because the first hit of Okami Shuffle homes on your location and Ammy’s wake up reset game is so nasty. If you are just spamming air moves you will get sucked into the shuffle, also your fly/unfly time will be equally slowed so you have to watch to make sure to qcf at the flash or your ghost toasters. As a frequent Amaterasu player (and somebody who doesn’t using flying characters) when mirrored against this I always throw my own shuffle or any other type of hyper, top corner air beams work best. I have found that when in vail, my opponents will rush blindly because of the slowed reaction time so if you drop a hyper you normally can catch them. If not at least the hyper vs hyper stacking will time it out.

Hope this helps!