What to do agaisnt Chun?



Chun just seems to be able to mash a combination of C.RH, S.FP, Back + FP, and C.FK and outpoke the crap out of Alex. Am I missing something?
… I mean, her C.RH is hard as hell for me to parry. She uses it as anti-air, too, so the timing on it is crazy.

I usually poke with S.FK, S.FP, C.SP, and that sort of thing. I play Hyper Bomb.


95% of Chun Li users I see, abuse the same things over and over, with the typial c.mk into SA2 when the super is up. Her c.rh can be be parryed standing. But for some reason, I always have the most fun with my Alex/Chun Li matches.

It depends on how aggressive the Chun Li is…if the Chun Li is more than a scrubby abuse of the same three attacks or not and such. I use a lot of f+mp, s.mk and stomp/powerbomb or tornado ddt things. Every so often when they stand, I throw a standing fierce when close (if parryed, it will leave you pretty wide open).

Surprise EX shoulder charges are pretty good too, but with the lame recovery speed she has, timing is a lot tougher. U rarely do supers as Alex anymore, unless I’m playing around with SA3. I do a lot more ex charges and flash chops. But on some circumstances, you can try to wk stomp and if it’s blocked, try for a Hyperbomb. Any harder kick button used has a longer lag time on recovery.

If she’s a jumper, well timed f+mp, f+fierce, or jump away and mk are okay combatants. c.fierce I tend to stay away from, cause of the start up time, although the two hits might throw one off every so often. If they are parry happy, or if they attack on jump ins, try a parry and a powerbomb/Hyperbomb. Tacky, but it works.

Finally, use your reach to your advantage. EX flash chops, s.mk, f+mp, s.rh (bad recovery time though) and f+fierce all have good reaches. She’s got a good range on her as well, but you have a little bit of an advantage there. Just try to mix it all up, and don’t repeat too many things one after another.

That’s all I can think of atm. Not really the greatest of advice, but it’s a start.


One thing I notice about Chuns these days is they LOVE to abuse not only c. RH, s. frce, but they also love to play footsies w/ c. fwd and s. RH and do it randomly to a SA2 for an easy damage, maybe throw a few s. str/fwd or a ->fwd for safekeeping but they’ll stay away from Alex as much as possible

How to solve it? Some several ways, but keep in mind when you play VS chun her s. Frce STOPS his elbow with insane priority IMO. But, what you can do is to fake the first elbow and either c. RH when you find her relying on standing attacks a lot, random STOMP with the timbs to her face

Hence it’s best to mix up your EX, regular, and that lil hop (yes…that lil hop) to get the best out of her. Matter of fact, time that lil hop to Boomerang Raid, and it’ll wake her up in no time, then you can either whiff a s. fwd-> DDt, c. sh-fwd link-> stomp/EX Stomp, or ->mp, and mix it up, because once you see her do that spinning bird kick, it’s obvious you need to parry- close to EIGHT TIMES, so it’s best when you know that’s coming out and prepare for it and counter the moment they’re done. For the parriers, whiff out a short attack to set up for a PB/Hyperbomb or DDT, whichever suits you best.

Jumpins are several options- F. Fierce is usable but be wary if parried since most chuns love to play counterattack after an attack from the ground. Better if it’s a s. str. ->EX air grab, because they can’t recover after the hit of the lil elbow strike, and even if they should parry the elbow the ex gets them with such alarming speed. c. Frce are timed slow so basically if you use it, try to activiate it early for a juggle with the air grab immediately, but don’t abuse it if you find out Chun plans to do something different.

Her pokes can be annoying but whenever you see an opening of her to get an attack, that’s where SA2 would come in and stop her, also good when she tries to give you that abusing c.RH/S. Frce game. Mix up your Ex Chop w/ other EX, varying the attack for insane headgames and don’t give her any chance to follow up and recover. The moment she does that the match is already done. Hence it’s best to take her out as soon as you can.

Patience, a bit of persistence, and a lot of mindwork is used to take a good Chun down, but it’s worth it. Then again it’s rewarding to hear her moan after you KO her, or even when she struggles to get up after that last jab in the end:p


Blocked EX shoulder = free SA2 for chun.


Streak is right; you shouldn’t get into the habit of randomly EX-shoulder charging Chun-Li. I don’t want to generalize here, but if your blocked EX-shoulders aren’t getting punished by SA2, then the Chuns you’re playing against probably aren’t a good representation of how limited Alex’s options are against a well-played Chun-Li.

I think Chun-Li is Alex’s most difficult match-up(and he has a lot of them). The problem is that Alex’s pokes simply cannot compete with Chun-Li’s. His long-ranged attacks(sweep, s.rh) are way too slow given Chun-Li’s quick walk-speed. It’s just too easy for her to bait whiffs of these moves. Torward+fierce is completely out of the question since Chun-Li turns into a samus ball when she crouches, and she’ll likely never have to jump. Alex has good throws and a dash that covers a lot of distance, but trying to dash into kara-throw/powerbomb is too risky, because she’ll just sit there and punish your dash with c.mk or b+s.hp. I’ll be honest…usually the only time I beat Chun-Li with Alex is when I get some lucky jump-in combos. Ground to ground, Alex is just useless in this match-up. I have the most luck jumping around like a freaking monkey(definitely don’t be 100% offensive when doing this)…being as unpredictable as possible and not just try to outpoke her on the ground.


Ya, most Chun Li players I encounter are between sub par, and probably above average. It’s mostly Ken/Dudley/Yun I get more match ups as of late, all about above average to “dammit!” range. Havn’t played a really good Chun player in well over a month, and I only go and play about 1-2 times a week these days in chinatown.

Lower experienced Chun players would have problems with the charges, but any player in general wouldn’t with the EX charges. I’ve had a lot of success and non too frequent punishments for my randomness. Might be a sign of who I play for sure. Recovery isn’t that bad, but it is punishable big time. But it’s a really problematic battle anyway.


The only useful ground poke I found in the Alex vs. Chun match is a properly spaced Standing Forward.

… That’s just in my limited experience, though. I hate when they slam the S.fp and C.rh and pretend like they’re awesome. Not saying it’s cheap or anything, but it’s annoying.


If you find that she’s abusing s.hp excessively, you can just punish it with an EX-elbow.

Though in my experience Chun-Li has little need to even use a normal as risky as s.hp.


i’m a chun player…
and alex as well.

i can hardly beat a chun li player with alex,but when i do…
most of the time i got them with a hyper bomb then my alex turtles.:smiley:
i’ll just wait for her to come,and then counter her moves

sadly,when i play against some good chun it’s a 1:4 win loss ratio for me:(


From that s. HP she can stop it in most cases if you attack w/ EX Elbow, but after her frames of doing the HP it’s a possible way to attack her.

From ->+Fierce ain’t usable if she crouches and that’s obvious, hence you can use that for her AA especially when you have a Chunner that loves to Triangle jump, but rarely does one do that at least from my expeirence. So, yes in some points is out of the question. However when I play with Chunners that try to act stupid w/ a j. RH against me or better yet, a j. Frcex2, most of the time I parry it and counter w/ a classic (st. str/fwd- ex dp+k). End of Story. She deserves it cause the player’s either lower than par, or doesn’t know how to function Chun in an offensive fashion

Poking is what Chun loves to do best against Alex, and unless you’re capable of either Parrying low or unexpected attacks like her st. RH or ->+fwd, you can’t win with his sweeps or any other long ranged moves and that’s agreeable. No matter how many times an Alex tries to even j. down+frce her she can still counter it quick so he can’t recover. Even on those lousy air resets when she parries the j. down+frce w/ her st. frce to SA1 like crazy…

The only ways I can beat Chun-Li now is to be patient w/ her and strike at her when she has done a mistake…Or even when she tries to abuse the b. frce to do a random str. FC next to her face so i can put her silky ass to sleep XD…or rather random jumps and no attacks to parry whatever she does or make her block a hit to powerbomb her every now and then…

Last Friday in CTF there wasn’t ONE gamer playing as Chun and it was odd…It was just people using boring Yun, Ken, Dudley, two people w/Makoto, and Ryu n00bs… another guy was using Alex as well as a close friend of mine wrecking comp w/ Twelve, especially our Necro/Twelve matches down to the wire. Good comp until the fobs startin to imitate KO’s Yun, thinkin they’re great and all…GRR -__-,

I was one of the two usin Alex, and it was wierd…Some guy showed me how his elbow can link properly to SA3 out of a whim. I was surprised how that shit can be combined with pure brokenness (brokenness…:bluu: :lol: ) It made me like his SGHB a lil more now, and I showed him my combo after the j. down+frce flying chop to the classical combo- he was impressed.

I’m glad I also put some of the old SI combos to effect with him, especially the variations of Ex dp+k in combos out of nowhere- even if it’s been discovered b4.


Step 1. Buy Evo DVD.
Step 2. Watch KSK vs. Ricky.
Step 3. Learn.