What to do and how to play vs turbo users

hi, i am really sick and tired of ppl using turbo. i know people who use turbo are bad but there are good people that know what ther doing with turbo and whos good at it becomes seriously annoying.

every fcking pause he spams shoryuken. it makes the game retarded. yes u can bait but his basically telling me not to do anything i cant grab . i cant even jab 3times or ill get shoryued. i realy dont get why capcom or madcatz put turbo? i mean if there reason for saying they made turbo cause of online lag is literal bullsh1t. 1st of all if its that laggy you shouldnt even playing that person so that wouldnt even be a reason. it really makes the game boring. its always do this or not do that vs turbo users. cant do any kind of mixups have to just wait like a little scrub n try to counter but turbo people wont take any risk themselves then smash when ther gettin crossups. and option select works 2 but when playing online it wont work most of times and its 2 risky.

is there a way or how to deal with turbo users?

Play SSF2T

can i get some serious replys please? thanks

Okay. Play 3S, it’s a good game. Also, downback.

You should play competent people.

if i wanted some answers like that i wouldnt even bother writing but thanks

Competent people won’t use turbo.
People who think they can abuse a system that isn’t even that abusable, on top of being scrubby, will use turbo.

TLDR, you should approach a turbo user like all other users.
It makes no difference from playing anyone else because turbo users are bad players by classification.

If you want to troll back you can use turbo yourself. I doubt it will help you much. Then your eyes will be opened.

i guess turbo vs turbo aint bad but it just makes the game so scrubby. but i guess i have to face it. the thing i dont get is why is there so many diff version of turbo?
i mean i have te stick 2. i try to use all version of turbo n test it out in training mode on how to counter but when i play vs turbo ppl that are somewhat good i cant seem to counter. and can i ask a question on why hor premium vlx has turbo that says x20 times where te stick is less than x20? this is why i hate turbo. are they basically saying u pay more to get higher turbo speed? this is like paying 300dollar keyboard for starcraft 2 and says it comes with free maphack lmao.

i really hate using turbo vs turbo users. but i guess you make sense about trolling back with turbo my self. thanks for advice

Mate, you still don’t get it. Turbo barely helps you because of the nature of the engine.
I told you to troll yourself with turbo because turbo doesn’t help you win games. See how much it helps you. I guarantee you you’ll still be losing the same.
Learning to tighten your blockstrings and work on your links is much better time spent.

The TE and VLX turbos are different sure. But using either or won’t improve your play. Stop blaming your equipment, stop saying it’s scrubby; the problem is you.

Either tighten your blockstrings and BNBs
drop them on purpose, block the SRK, punish

Turbo does nothing in this game.

u obviously have not foughten ppl who use turbo crazy. i know what u mean by turbo does nothing if u kno the frame data. obviously if akumas trying to spam shoryuken vs sagat akumas would come out 1st no matter how fast sagat player is spamming. however if characters like ryu vs ryu the turbo spammer would win. the thing is if both of us input commands at pause and the guy whos inputting 20 lightpunch PER SEC comes out 1st. this is why turbo screws upthe game not cause of my defense sucks. and ur the one who said to troll turbo users with turbo. i dont use turbo because like you said it fcks up defense. but people who knows how to abuse turbo is literal bs. i wont whine if ther inputting 4-6times per second. im talking about those faggits that inputs 20+commands per second. u try playing those peeps tthx

(rhetorical, silly) Question A) When is your game ever paused?
Question B) You forgot that there’s block & punish? You forgot that everything is not decided in footsie range? Turbo isn’t going to stop any player that understands the mechanics of the game.
Question C) Your logic makes no sense. I press a button, you press a button. If I’m on turbo I get 20x more inputs of the same, you get one. Who’s comes out first? Answer is, both come out at the same time, genius. I also open myself up for punishment because of those 20x more inputs. Especially if I’m trying to mash out an SRK during your blockstring and you prematurely stop. I fly in the air and you get a free punish.

yea thats what i thought 2 but some turbo players that i play no matter how perfectly timed i press or mash they would hit 1st. and no its not frame data. this is why i started the thread cause sometimes i dont get why in training mode i can defend but in match its not. maybe its because of the lag. im not sure. if turbo doesnt piss ppl off or do anything why do they such diffrent speed then? i dont get why there is x5 or x 15 or x20. how is inputting x20 commands per seconds possible for human? and why is it banned from tournaments? because turbo is bs…

You have to adjust your timing online a bit, as it’s different from offline. Your monitor may be laggy as well, which makes it seem like you’re 2 seconds behind.
Play better people. Find some matches on the SRK matchmaking threads for Live/PSN if you don’t want to bother going out to local ranbats.
At least you’ll face people who know what they’re doing. And they’ll be non-turbo users if that thought bothers you so much.

Invincible reversals beat out crouch jabs; you shouldn’t be pressuring wakeup with that either.
Stop blaming others and start blaming yourself for the mistakes. Record some of your replays and folks can help too.

If this were a problem as you describe, many more reputable players would be complaining about it. But it isn’t, you’re simply frustrated and don’t want to fault yourself.

thanks ill work on it. im not grand master nor diago. but when i join or see new guys that i ve never fought before and turbo like crazy it just pisses me off.
i guess i have to play real safe n bait all the time and get better with defense. thx for advice

Link to online outlets here
You don’t need to be Daigo to beat 99% of the competition online.
Almost anyone with proper fundamentals and knowledge of the game engine won’t have any of the issues you complain about.
And you acknowledged one of your main problems. **Playing safe, learning to bait, and defense. **Street fighter, and all competitive fighters, isn’t a game you can go in blindly attacking and expect to profit.

Watch your replays. Very few use turbo.

azproc speaks the truth.

Hit the training mode purifer123. Then learn how to read your opponents and adapt.

i’ve had experience with what i thought was turbo throws

no matter the timing, it would tech, tech while he was doing other things, it didnt do anything but tech and all he did was whiff throws and throw at any possible moment, even while doing other things…

for sure it had to have been turbo…

i just avoided the throw region all together

i have turbo, never use it, cuss im awesome, but all i can do with it is have button spam out like crazy, if the people your talking about are spamming shoryukens during combos, well shit u can do that without turbo… just as good as if you had turbo, the only time a turbo use can fuck me is when they use someone like E.honda.

They are right - Nobody cares if people use turbo, the option is put there so some people will try it and if thats how they learned to play, then let them. They still have to adapt to the player just like anyone else would.

Most of the time people rage or complain due to their own insecurity.

Try not to hate or waste time crying about it, just improve yourself.