What to do at mid distance?

What should I be doing when Sagat is mid distance away from opponent? I define this as slightly further than the ‘starting distance’. Assume if they jumped in I could not counter with DP.

                    O                               O
                    |                                 |  
                   / \      [Jump distance]/ \

When players are at this distance I feel a little lost. I usually just throw a fireball which they jump over. Other variations include them moving forward, me jumping in and getting anti-aired.

Should I be dancing back and forth waiting for them to make a move? If so, is this what my options look like?

They jump - I fireball
They fireball - I fireball/block/jump
They stand there - we dance, I try to dash in and poke/trip

Or is throwing a fireball here fine since they can’t explicitly punish you (unless they have a charge ultra etc), and if they jump in you can then just fight toe-to-toe in close?

fake a fireball for bait
kara tk
just stand there and wait yourself (you don’t always have to be the first to act)

3 quick options off the top of the head. crouching and throwing a hp can do wonders and make other people think you’re throwing a fireball. Keep em guessing brother.

too many variables. I’ll give you a short answer. Play more games. It comes from matchup experience. Knowing what moves other characters are likely to do then countering them. Or pressuring someone to do a move that you want to counter. and not getting caught with something you didn’t expect and not leaving a gap for something to happen to you that you normally would expect.

medium tiger knee should be safe if you wanna get in closer.

standing H.kick should zone them back where you are safe to throw shots.

make abrupt movements to try and bait a jump? (lol works against friends)

risky kara TU if you are sure your opponent will do something

Everyone ignore this plz. k thnx.

In general, don’t tigershot if they are close enough to jump in punish you.

Try to bait jump ins and punish with Kara-tu, Ex tu, or ultra. Bait with duck then s.jab, and fake kicks. Fake kick into F+HK can catch people sometimes.

If they projectile from this range, Focus through it and DP as soon as you recover if they are projectile happy :nunchuck:

I’m not an expert but I think I got some tips for ya!

Depends if you want to get in on them or if you want to hold back and continue the fireball war.

To get in:

1- kara TK(f+lk~TK), having the tip of your knee hit your opponent to be safe, to close the distance, and go for the c.lk, c.lk, c.lp xx TU BnB(obviously hit confirm with the shorts), if he blocks push him away with a TS; if you want to keep the preassure at this moment, switch to s.lk xx TK(if you are in range), etc…

2- Use your focus attack! Focus attack take a hit(or not) and dash in, go once again for the BnB(hit confirm), and do the same drill.

To continue the fireball war:

1- Dash back and keep does TS coming!

2- Like someone else said, you don’t need to act 1st, wait for him to jump and punish it with a TU. Or if you get to predict his jump, fwd+hk into ULTRA CARNAGE! The fwd+hk has pretty good recovery so don’t be afraid to use it! If he isn’t into jumping and wants to go by land, use your pokes, ether s.lk xx LTS or c.mk xx LTS, I personally use the s.lk. You also can use your different TK’s deppending of the range he is in.

If you are in a corner and can’t move don’t get impatient, patience was DaVinci’s greatest virtue, so it won’t harm you if you have some! Cause you will probably use the wrong attack, wait for him to make that mistake, and not you! Once you see that window open punish and get the hell out of there!

Hope it helps! Good luck buddy!

Just to clarify, is s.LK XX LTS = low tiger shot? Does it matter if its lk/mk/hk?

Thanks for the tips tho, I’ll probably work on back-dashing and TS or predicting jump in and punishing with s.HK / fw+HK / TU.

I’m not at the level to be using FADC yet :china:

With the s.lk xx TS combo, I always do low TS, it’s the best way! IMO

Check this link it might help, I think! [media=youtube]OvA8zu-C7QM[/media]
Go kick some ass!

Shin Kazuya: wow, that vid is awesome thanks!

No problem!
What you got to do now is, go to practice mode, train, train and train, then go out there and destroy!

At medium distance I try my best to keep them away by back dashing and continuing to zone them with TS until they’re too close like haze said. I do utilize mk tk if they’re closing in faster than I like which usually resets the match if it connects.