What to do for the non-SBK victims

Wondering what to do against the non-SBK victims.

Some matchups I’m wondering about are people such as Iori, Cammy, Hibiki, Sakura, Rolento and esp. the Shotos.

Another question is how to go on offense, such as set-up c. jab run cancels.


play the rest of chun li’s game, just without using the SBK trap. although it’s a great tool, it doesn’t make or break her gameplay. her damaging level 1 supers/relatively strong pokes make her good.

for those character matchups, check out gandido’s old FAQ at the bottom of my post. it’s an excellent read, especially for character matchups. and A-sakura is a bad matchup for chunners- but then again, who does well against A-sakura:bluu:?

for setting up a running jab game- throw a lp fireball and run after it, do a crossup lk, SBK trap and do a lk version (only 2 blocked hits) for a mixup, short jump with lk/mk, get a knockdown, etc.

and gandido, when are you gonna update that ish:D?

Thanks…but I still don’t understand the Delayed Buffer…can you explain more on that?

Why does A Sak own Chun Li? I always thought it was the other way around. Chun’s st. mp outprioritizes everything that Sakura has… I just abuse that and win vs most A-Saks while avoiding rc Hurricanes…

There’s not much Chun can do from Sak’s dive kicks, from what I hear. In addition to Sak’s cross ups …

when i play against non sbk victims i abuse the hell out of her s.mp, just play it safe and short jump with mk or mp, plus land lvl 1’s whenever u can, especially against cammy