What to do if opponent is hitting a lot of buttons


A lot of people I play seem to hit a lot of buttons. It seems like most mash c.lp or c.lk. Even when I play better people, they still hit a lot of buttons. I play laura and everytime I go for a command grab I get hit by a poke. What is my best option with Laura to blow people up for hitting a lot of buttons?


Her EX command grab has armour so that’s an option to blast through the mash. Other than that you could bait people, take a step back just out of range then punish the wiff


Punish their whiffed moves with a cr.mk buffered into special, throw fireballs or jump in.
If you’re having problems getting hit on their wake-up, go to the Laura forums and look for meaty setups, Laura has tons.


Command grabs work best when you have your opponent scared to hit buttons. Use frame traps to CH them for not blocking and once they start blocking your frame traps, go for a command grab.