What to do if you have absolutlely NO competition?

I believe I suck at 3rd strike and lots of other 2d fighters because I have NO competition. I live in a place where 3rd strike doesnt even EXIST! No arcades, no friends house to play at,SHIT! I really wanna get competitive in this and enjoy the higher level of play.But i cant because I have no comp what do I do?

  1. The “location” space is there for a reason, fill it
  2. Search regional matchmaking section. Your region might even have its own forum, like some places do (HK, UK, Aus)
  3. Play online with p2p? Though the delay can get pretty bad if you really do live in the middle of nowhere

i’m in the same situation for the most part.

Im in F****** Detroit

There are lots of people in worse places than a major American city like Detroit. Your MI thread should’ve gone in North Atlantic instead of World. Here’s something:


I don’t know how many people are active on the forum though. KOH seems to be the main guy heading up the tournaments so he might be a good person to get in touch with. That’s about all I can say for now.

There are plenty of 3S players in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Dude, there are some GREAT Third Strike players in Detroit, I know this and I don’t even live there. And there are two FG meetings every week.

There’s Friday Night Gaming at this dude’s house:


They mostly play more obscure fighter’s by SNK and various other companies.

And Saturday Night Gaming at this dudes house:


They play all the fighter’s that are at EVO and only fighter’s from EVO.

I’d say Atwan (aka Alucard) and Grego are the best in Detroit.

Make an account at Michigan Gamer dude, there’s competition for you in Detroit

I had no idea!

stop playing the game is the best option.

There are alot of good players in Detroit. I thought you were going to say you lived in Zimbabwe.

Yeah, Detroit is hardly a ghost town. Online is always an option though, and it’s much better with GGPO and P2P now.

teach a friend! you can level up together!

you are going to have to play human opponents but there is ALLOT you can do alone.
hit up that training mode, practice your hit confirms, and your moves and figure out properties of your character’s moves and the system mechanics of the game.

for example i spent a good 30 minutes one day just messing around with dashing cuz i realized i didn’t understand it well enough and at the end of it my game was definately stronger.

also you might want to pick a character like urien or yun that requires allot of technical practice so you can just level that up on your own.
but again, you will have to play people to actually level up and add incentive to play.

Thats the best thing. Don’t just play the comp. It will fuck you up bad when you actually play people. It did that to me anyways. I regressed 6 months in 3 of playing the computer

I had the same situation after the last arcade in my area closed down.

But like mentioned by another poster, try to get a buddy hooked. I got a friend into 3s and ST and even referred him to the SRK wiki section to help him learn the basics. We play pretty regularly now and I am trying to get other people into SF; hopefully the new titles will help build some interest.

Online is another good option.

I used to have that problem too. I played arcade mode and training mode over and over and when that got boring i just got on XBL for 3rd strike. Its pretty good.


is 3rd strike on GGPO now?I’m in the same situation as xJudas.I live in buffalo.lol:mad:

there are lots of things you can practice in practice mode against computer …

Buffalo what? NY?

  1. Travel.
  2. Find Detrot players.
  3. Don’t play on Xbox Live.

That is all.