What to do if your not good at MvC2 going into 3


I need advice and maybe we can use this for advice for other noobs.

I’ve gotten decent playing ssf4 and I was ok in TvC. Now MvC2 bleh I’m bad at I can spiral/sent a tiny bit before i mess up the timing, but i’m horrible at combos and even getting in to launch the opponent.

I figure my first step is never touching a pad when i play MvC3, soon as I plug it in get used to it with a stick. Second Training mode will be my friend of course. Third I think the characters I pick will have a good part in what I’m able to do. I know not a ton of people have had their hands on this game but here’s who i’m looking at seriously.


Trish has traps and I’ll need to train on her combos so she could be a very nice point character I think, Modok and his shields/cubes for keep away and good damage, and Dorm for keep away/field control. Each of them have moves that can deal good chip damage and trish/dorm have homing moves so i can take a breather.

Now here’s the first problem, “Trish”. MvC2 when i tried combos (mag) used alot of pinpoint air dashes and SSF4 has alot of focus canceling. Is this game going to be similar? I’ve tried to work out combos but i can only seem to get so far because of timing issues and the fact that my fingers just fail after a certain point. I honestly think I have to stick with keep away characters because I don’t know how capable I am at combos.

So this thread is basically me asking how you learn your combos and what strategies you think would be good getting fresh into a game like MvC3 considering how bad I am at 2.


Get 3 when it comes out and practice. If you need better execution, you need to practice it, regardless of game. There aren’t any shortcuts buddy.

How good you are at 2 has very little to do with anything. It’s a new game, a new day, and all it will determine is the skill level you start out at in this style of game. But whether you’re a scrub or Justin Wong, you’re still gonna have to put in the work like everyone else.


This game is more newbie friendly. You’ll be fine if you put in the time, but don’t expect to be great just cause you do a lot of work in training mode. You gotta go online, get your ass whooped, and figure out WHY you got your ass whooped, and try to not do that again, rinse and repeat until you are a GOD


Or you could just get good by going to offline tournaments.


Oh I intend to practice when I say I’m bad at mvc2 I mean by todays standards. There was this arcade in NJ that alot of mag/psy players used to hang out at(2001-2?) and back then when I was spending hours waiting for my friend to get out of work I had jill/tron/mummy to deal with mags but now I’m out of practice and the play level has gone way up. I wanna spend an hour a day just messing with that team but training mode sometimes give me false impressions when it comes to my ability to put one move into another.

Oh I’ll be online I’m jsut not good at spotting what I’m doing wrong all the time


I don’t know a ton about offline play in the Pittsburgh area because I have my car loaned out on the weekends when the SSf4 players are around and hell if i know people who play MvC.


Read up on the basics and any FAQs/guides. Practice with friends and in casual rooms and any training room. Figure out who you like and follow up with questions in those threads as appropriate. Watch videos of people playing for/against “your” characters or people you have trouble with.

We don’t need a new thread on this.