What to do in training mode?


I read somewhere that its more important to practice zoning and mix ups in training mode then combos.

So on HDR or SSFIV should I just go into training, put the dummy on CPU, turn on hitboxes and practice getting in on him? I was using Ken and put the dummy on CPU and tried to practice blocking everything and zoning on him with my normals. The only problem with this is the damn CPU turtles too much, and its hard to practice blocking their normals when they do.


Autoblock function in SFIV Training was my favorite. It showed/taught me the timing I needed to get that combo through and I thought it was helpful.
I think it helped me out. Of course zoning is important, but that is what helped me out and it’s some of the best functions ever in Training Modes.
The AI blocks the second punch as fast as possible, it’s the kind off stuff you encounter in the challenge modes too.