What to do now? Really need advice to continue

Hi, I’ve been playing competitive fighting games since I am 12 (only SSBM and SSBB). I started to play SSF4 and MVC2 competitively since March of.

I use to mash SRK because it was the only way I could get them about. Used to main Dudley and would do random EX Machine Blows all the time. Random U2 on wake-up occurred every 3/10 matches.

A bit more than a year has passed and I’ve improved. I know the risks of reversals, jumping in, and sticking out pokes with long recovery. I can do around 98% of the trials in SSF4 and other high execution combos (Magneto’s ROM on standing Sentinel, “Sako” Combos with Cammy consistently, etc.). I am more patient when my life is low and have “good” meter management.

***So now my question to all of you advanced players out there, ***what can I learn now? I have a very basic idea of footsies and normal spacing. I know the importance of pressure, getting a knockdown etc. I think I am almost reaching the intermediate state, but what can I do to improve now?

Feel free to ask more questions if you need to.

You should pretty much just play the game from here on out. If you are confident you’ve a certain level and have a good grasp of the basics then you should start taking note of your game plans and their flaws. Find out how you can make those plans more air tight and look up advanced strategies for your character. Perfecting each matchup should also be another goal of yours at this point. Not an advanced player by any stretch of the imagination but that’s how I would probably go about it.

Os, advanced setups, better oki, footsies. Get better

What’s oki? And what are some useful tips in footsies?

Oki is wake up game. Setups to keep the pressure on.

Also footsies are acquired through playing, not something I can say and you immediately understand. Play games and you’ll get better, advice on srk is useless except for specific combos or setups, honestly.

Thanks a lot for the comments guys.

Find the strongest opponent you can and fight him, then take things from there.