What to do on a knockdown opponent?


One question I’ve had for awhile now is what do I do after I score a knockdown? I know there are safe jumps and cross ups and throws and stuff but when do I go for certain things and when I go for a cross up do I jump over them and press my attack? I mess around with Honda ibuki and adon and I know a knockdown is suppose to be in my advantage but I just have a hard time using it.for example with Honda say after a throw to go for a cross over do I just jump over and press M. Kick or am I supplies to have a specifies timing and spacing?




Just try stuff out in training mode and do what works. Yes, j.mk is his crossup.

Different characters have different knockdowns and therefore different options. It all depends. Doing crossup j.mk after Oicho Throw is a good setup.



Realtalk: Do whatever you want, depending on the character you’re attacking. If you knock down someone like Cody or Dudley - someone without a strong reversal, then moves like crossups are great pressure on wakeup. A crossup is just attacking while jumping and hitting them in the back of the head - there isn’t anything overly technical about it - other than knowing your jump arc to properly land on the other side of them.


totally depends on your character. I like to take Ibuki as an example because I play her too and I think I kinda understand her to an extent.

Let’s say you got a neckbreaker knockdown. You can of course go crazy with all dem kunais but I only use them once in a while to mix it all up. The options you have of a neckbreaker knockdown are immense and I think that most of them are alot better than the kunai.

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > j.HP
If you opponent mashes a reversal you’re blocking. You punish again and get the next knockdown

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > j.HP
If they block you can tickthrow him which would lead to forward throw > b.MP > instant kunai into TC4 xx Neckbreaker. For now let’s just imagine that worked.

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > emptyjump into cr.lk, TC4 > Neckbreaker
This one works alot especially against people who don’t see this often enough.

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > delay > superjump.LK > TC4 > Neckbreaker
This one crossup up and lets you combo into TC4 xx Neckbreaker which set’s up everything again.

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > empty jump into throw
Although this one doesn’t look too useful on the first look it actually works alot since most people only start teching once they see the blue blocking animation.

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > j.HP > overhead > cr.lp, s.MK xx Neckbreaker
People usually start crouchblocking after the first jumpin so you will catch some people offguard. Anyway her overhead is slow and better players will react to it so don’t overuse it.

Neckbreaker knockdown > b.MP > j.HP or emptyjump > f.HK
Goes over lows, catches people crouchteching and also gets you some frameadvantage because it’s a counterhit. It also stuffs bisons EX Psycho crusher but let’s not get into too much details.

These are only the options she get’s off a neckbreaker safejump. She has most of these and alot of other options available from different knockdowns and she also has the Kunai vortex which makes everything even scarier.
You should also choose your actions depending on what you think your opponent is gonna do. If I annoyed my opponent for long enough and think he will mash out the reversal the next time I jump towards him on a knockdown I rather choose the Safejump instead of a kunai. Also I would only go for the emptyjump cr.LK if I had taught my opponent that this is actually a safejump and he should actually block it. Actually there is alot more to Ibukis oki game but I hope I kinda helped you out a bit though. If you really want to learn Ibuki check out Mingos training regimen and also the other threads in the Ibuki Subforums. Most of her mixups safejumps and kunai setups are listed there.

Mingos Regimen: Devote Yourself to Your Training! Ibuki Training Regimen
Starts actually around the 13th Post.

Ibukis kunai and safejump setups.