What to do on cross up happy opponents

i know this sounds dumb but i cant find anything around it when im playing rufus ryu and ken with ryu and ken ill reversal DP during the blocksting but when they catch on theyll block and punish and with rufus i have no idea what to but ex messiah out and its really annoying that i cant get around this

I try to dash out of there if I can. Another thing that sometimes works is doing a move that lowers my characters hitbox so that the jump-in part whiffs, then I can throw when they land. The best advice I think I can give is to not let it happen to begin with. There’s ranges where people can jump at you for a crossup… Don’t stand in those places, don’t let the other guy move into that position. oh and try not to get knocked down :slight_smile:

It’s hard to tell if threads are serious or not anymore

1: space yourself better so you don’t get crossed up
2: anti air when someone jumps in at you
3: don’t mash dp/messiah through blockstrings unless you notice the person isn’t doing them right
4. Block
5. Block
6. Block

Tell me about it.

forger already gave you all of the options through

and sandwhichcookie also had some good advice with dashing under them when they go in the air or back dashing if they’re far away to maintain the space

I understand your pain, I play with a particularly cross-up happy player as well… as far as foger’s list I think:

1: Generally good, but you can’t space yourself when you’re laying on the ground which is where 80% of my opponent try to cross-up or safe jump to bait somethin’ out.
2: Again, works well…as long as you aren’t on the floor.
3: Good advice.
4, 5, 6: Works very well, probably the best advice.
I’ll add:
7: Like sandwichcookie mentioned, dashing can get you out of a tight spot in a pinch
8: Don’t get knocked down.

Blocking and then stand teching is an extremely good habit to get into I feel.

It is but, don’t underestimate the usefulness of crouch teching. It’s not a bad thing to do as long as you know when they know you’re doing it.

Just because crouch teching makes the game a little easier doesn’t mean it’s something to ignore, it’s incredibly useful especially against people who really mix up their tick throws.

For one thing, if the opponent is crossing up on wake-up then they are doing it the correct way. Most characters usually have ways of preventing random cross-ups if they are jumping about, i.e. Anti-airs. Most people have touched on what you can do. Sometimes, it’s best to just block.

There is no universal defense against cross-ups besides blocking (blocking loses to Guy’s cross-up throw though). Other defensive options depend on the situation.

[]poke-poke-poke then cross-up - neutral or backjump + whatever. You can even cross them up from this distance if they’re using predictable blockstring mixups
]cross-ups on wakeup - learn to perform auto-correct reversals, or just block and prepare to tech throws. If the cross-up is really late, just walk under it.
[]ground-to-air footsies (ie. bait poke, then cross-up) - learn to read the bait and then either perform a cross-up of your own, or just adjust your spacing before you counter-poke so that a x-up attempt will whiff.
]cross-up attempts when you land from a jump - neutral jump + whatever
[*]ambiguous crossup divekicks - use negative-edge OS reversal if your character has one. (hold p then db, d, db release p)

Those are just a few scenarios and options that come to mind.

How do I perform auto correct reversals?

I mean, even though the input window for reversals is larger than Texas, the special move comes out in the same frame every time. I thought auto-correction was random and caused by the position of the attacker when the reversal move becomes active.

Do I need to input the command in the other direction?

I think reversal auto-corrected raida would be the perfect move for Ibuki to counter cross ups. Kazegiri is just too slow.

Not all moves auto-correct well enough (guile flash kick as an example) while some do it very well (shoryuken).

It has to do with when you input the command, do it a little bit later to auto correct. Otherwise you can try doing it in the other direction but the point of “auto-correct” is that the game “automatically corrects” which way the move should be done.

they have that advantage cause they got the knockdown.

I should have said “auto-correct special”, as it’s not really a reversal. It actually comes out later than the first frame (you won’t see the reversal message) unless it’s a meaty cross-up. Basically, you have to input the motion, then press the button after the opponent crosses up. It’s easy to do with DP’s. Just wiggle the stick from df to db very quickly and press the button when you see the cross-up. With b,f,b,f Ultras and Supers, do b, f, b, f, b. With vertical moves, you don’t really get much time to input the motion because you only get a few frames to cancel before you start jumping, so you have to time it very carefully. Usually it’s safer just to block anyway.

Also, in addition to reversaling out of tricky situations, depending on what character you are using, you might be able to COUNTER/ESCAPE a specific cross-up attempt. Some ideas are:

-Gouken’s Counter Parry
-Cammy CQC, EX SBK
-Dudley’s Cross Counter
-Hakan’s Oil Combination Hold
-Fei Long’s Ultra2 (Gekiringen?)
-Juri’s Command Kiss blow move (dont remember name)
-Zangief’s Lariat (no idea why you’d try to cross zangief up)
-El Fuerte’s EX Habanero Dash
-Bison, Akuma, Seth, and Dhalsim all have teleports.
-Ibuki has a “run” ability
-Abel’s Marseille’s Roll

  • Vega’s Backkflip (though sometimes won’t auto-correct, and can be punished).

Just some ideas in case you weren’t aware. There’s actually a number of things you can do to escape cross-up attempts, but its easier said than done, especially under extreme rushdown pressure.

Learn to block forward when they get over your head.

thanks for the tips i just hate the whole poke poke cross-up thing its annoying especially when im playing rufus since he really doesnt have a great interrupt