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Hey LoL

just wondering…
could you play a runaway Strider with Sentinel??

Explaining the Runaway Strider Theory

First of all, we need to understand what Strider can do and cannot do. Second, how do we utilize his tools to our advantage (by himself). Third, what other assists could offer even better assistance for Strider.

Well, I’m not very good with Strider or anything like that. I’m just trying to explore Strider and not trying to explore the trap because I believe Strider himself is not awful but just not as good as any Top Tier because the game limits his freedom to do certain things Top Tier can do.

If I’m corrected or like totally wrong on some things, please correct me because I’m just here trying to find better ways to play Strider.


  • Orbs allows Strider more horizontal forward freedom Orb fireballs covers everything in front him
  • Teleports allow him more control over the whole entire ground screen
  • The Tiger and Bird allow horizontal coverage (executed fast enough both can appear on the screen at the same time)
  • Playing an offensive Strider will always have at least one meter on you at all times
  • Smaller than the average joe so it is a little bit harder to combo on him
  • Excalibur can be used as an anti-air when he has Orbs out
  • Legion/Orbs supers are “true projectiles” where the Orbs Balls coming out Ourboros and Tiger/Birds coming out of Legion stay on screen when you DHC
  • Recovery time when calling Ouroboros is almost instant I believe
  • His qcf hp can be used to include “walking distance” to summoning Orbs
  • His Back/Forward Projectile allows him to stay in the air longer and shoots a projectile a little bit under Strider to protect him from on coming attacks from below


  • cannot build any full meter without causing the opponent to gaining as much or just getting push blocked back
  • weak defense so he takes damage more than the average joe
  • his air fierce attack have a lot of recovery time if they miss
  • his recovery from some moves such as Excalibur/Ragnarok/Bomb/etc. are sometimes long enough to get him killed
  • His qcf lp/hp are not fast enough to keep opponent in block stun when you do magic series (lp,lk,lp,lk,hp,hk or something like that) on the ground

Ya I think I need a little bit more stuff into this

By the way I’m going to keep updating this until I find a good way to explain and use runaway Strider (which will include assists other than Doom) I think I might also just list alot of things here from the main S/D thread :slight_smile:

Also I’m finding out that a runaway Strider is pretty difficult itself because Strider doesn’t have alot of options in the air~ but his ground abilities are amazing

So far all I can come up with is get inside with Orbs move back a little bit and start mashing jab~ right before the bar ends like around 1/2 or something teleport backwards and start mashing LP again while calling Doom assist and ya… thats all I got LOL

-hyper for info in the problems section
-clockw0rk for info in the advantages section

IMO strider by himself is pretty pitiful compared to the rest of the top tiers.

he’s probably just under semi-top tier…and only because he has a teleport i think


  • he can’t build meter himself
    (birds and tigers you say? they get predictable and anyone with a beam super will annahilate you)
  • very very weak. the S/D trap is a solution to his weakness because he’s got 2 protective shields (orbs and rocks)
  • no guranteed combo into super (and don’t give me that tiger xx ragnarok cuz the chance for that to work never happens)
  • weak combos

so how does a strider win 1 on 1? he usually dies. but if he does win, it’s because he is looking for openings, and doing damage very slowly.

a solo strider orbs trap is decent i guess…but without doom you’re only doing about 1/3 of the chip damage, and because you don’t have doom, you don’t have the assist time to charge up more meter. so all in all…strider solo orbs trap isn’t that great. however if you catch them with that crouching short make sure it hurts!

my 2 cents


Strider has a double jump plus a wall grab also so he can reset after double jump to allow another double jump

he has recovery time coming out of his punch teleports and alot of recovery off his kick teleports

when doing the bomb without canceling out into Orbs leaves him Immoblized for a while

Strider is cool, but his trap is the only reason why I enjoy using him. :frowning:

You get owned for not canceling the bomb to orbs.
You get owned for jumping on the walls.
You get owned if they block a running slice.
You get owned for using teleport kick without orbs.
You get owned for whiffing c.hp
You get owned if you teleport low without orbs.

Strider/Sent/Doom. Nuff said.

If you wanna know “what to do” I suggest looking at the Strider/Doom thread. He’s pretty much worthless without Doom :frowning:

I’m a little biased, but I think Strider is top tier by himself, with Doom, or anyone else.

Strider builds meter by himself just fine. Keep in mind all your inputs build meter, including teleports. As long as you play fast and keep your offence flowing, you should have at least 1 meter to spare at all times.

About the animals… just don’t be predictable with them. Also, something Strider players neglect (including myself) is that tigers and birds can be thrown alot faster than it seems. By throwing them out at optimal speed (the frame of him pointing should go directly to the frame of him about to point) makes it difficult for most characters to do anything, and that’s not taking assists into account.

Strider isn’t “weak”, and Doom assist doesn’t make him “stronger”. Strider has the ability to control the opponent possibly the whole game. Considering this, winning is an eventuality regardless of Strider’s strength.

That’s the mentality you should have, at least.

Point is irrelevant. Other characters like Omega Red have the same “problem”, yet he has no problem dealing crazy damage. Same with Strider.

And BTW, I hit tiger xx Ragnarok about 98% of the time I attempt it. Should be the same for any of you. That shit is fast and practical.

Combos are relative to the player, not the character (particularly in Marvel, since the engine is so open-ended). He has weak combos- so go make up some strong ones. Or combos that lead to other combos. Or both.

This reminds me of another thread… someone posted that the worst that Spiral can do if she blocks a tag-in is launch to magic series. In actuality, that’s the worst HE could do with her.

Strider can beat ANY CHARACTER 1 v 1, though Storm is a hard matchup for everyone.

Like I said in the other thread, the key to Strider is effectiveness. Truly believing Strider is weak and has weak combos and isn’t top tier leads to an ineffective Strider that launches into jab short strong forward fierce. Instead, go past the misconceptions and find out for yourself how Strider is really played. At that point, you’ll have an ace up your sleeve because other players will still believe those same misconceptions.

Alot of it has to do with attitude. Devil_X, for example, has the shittest attitude towards Strider. He thinks Strider is too hard to win with and is so weak and loses to so and so character and all that. Hes definitely a great player, but hed be even better if his attitude were better. I know it sounds corny, but if you think Strider is dope and kills everyone and everything in any game (like I do), your game will reflect that. If you think Strider by himself is pretty pitiful compared to the rest of the top tier and is just under semi-top tier and usually dies 1 v 1, your game will reflect that as well.



no offence devilx =]

Damn, I’m set then.

I always make Mike (Mixup) laugh when we would watch your matches on the Evolution 02 DVD and I would keep chanting “fuck him! fuck him up!” whether or not the outcome of the match was your win or not. heh.

Watching a really solid Stider/Doom like Clockw0rk’s is refreshing, IMO. I’ve watched alot of MvC2 get played and alot of it great, but features recycled teams and strats. Watching a good S/D team fuck shit up is like a breath of fresh air.

geez LoL thank you Clockw0rk :slight_smile:

I also have a very important question -_-;;

When you said being fast and stuff can get the bar up, Did you mean when Strider was on the floor most of the time?

Also the teleport~ just wondering

when they push block you… and you keep them in block stun… they can’t assist right?
does Strider himself have enough time to Teleport back to where he was and continue to keep them in Block stun without Orbs when he gets push backed??

i’m not sure but ya it’s important that you answer this because it relates to my theory Runaway Strider

I also want to try a way opposite of urs since most of your strategy I think is offensive so I want to try hard and find a reserve

strider is shitty!!!1:D i dunno im trying:p i think clock is right about the attitude you have to play strider with, you gotta be very confident with what youre doin

actually right now im feelin pretty confident with strider, more than ever before (well as long as sticks are good) personally i think he beats cable hands down better than any other other character, since strider takes away cables best defensive option (jump back) .

against storm and magneto these match ups tend to be a bit random from my experiance but strider can easily come out on top vs either of them, he has speed and priority to match them in combat and many tools to use to annoy either

most difficult strider match is definately sentinel (that knows what hes doing) mouth lazer fucks up warp and his keep out on strider is annoying when accompanied by AA and projectile assists (magneto ,sent projectile and BH are really annoying) right now im working on some anti sent strats while trying to think of some new strats.

Would you mind explaining a versus Cable matchup?

And I was under the impression that S/D was one of Sent’s hardest fights…?

Pressure is the name of the game when I play against Sentinel. Since he’s so big, mostly anything you throw out will hit him or make him block. Sent with CapCom AAA IS a bitch though, but I try to make sure Doom comes out before Commando does. And when you can, infinite that fucking robot.

i’ll cover this if DevilX doesn’t mind.

Cable’s main strat is the jump back keepaway. But the farther he tries to keep away, the easier he makes the job for strider. When his back is close to the edge, there is absolutely NOTHING he can do about BombXXouro (except DHC to a bomb safe super like hailstorm, which doesn’t do a lot of damage even to strider). Calling an assist and dashing forward only works if he’s at least several steps away from the edge. Jumping back cable also can easily be thrown by a teleporting strider after dropping doom. Cable falls into Doom, Strider has a choice of either crossing up or just going straight into the trap. One of Cable’s best weapons (jumping roundhouse) also loses clean to strider’s launcher. Overall, Strider controls this match. Cable’s best bet is to shoot strider when he screws up a move or when he forgets to block a low short.

S/D is one of Sentinel’s hardest fights. But it’s also a hard fight for strider. the thing about this fight is that whoever is in control is raping the other guy up the ass badly. crouching laser, fly, unfly, crouching laser is already faster than the time strider needs to activate orbs or teleport. From there, strider has to get sentinel to stop by jumping in or calling an assist or both. This match really depends a lot on the assists both characters have as well. But once strider touches sentinel and hits him or forces him to block long enough, the match turns to his favor. Also, random supering and punishing assists with HSF has the potential of getting sentinel killed because if Strider happens to be activating orbs at the same time (which he is like 99% of the match), then it’s a free infinite for Strider.

In my opinion, Storm is a harder fight for Strider mostly because she can take better advantage of the randomness of the match and that her priority is as good as Strider’s. Magneto is random and a lot like the Cable match but less ugly since Magneto is constantly trying to put pressure on strider. Spiral can be tough as the momentum of the match can shift like a seesaw. But you’ll usually find Strider with the advantage on that. Blackheart should be a free win as long as you play your cards right. Iron Man loses clean as long as you know which of your moves beat his. And Cyclops loses in the 7-3 or 8-2 range since he’s outprioritzed.

Nice thanks. Cable is one of the match ups I am most afraid of.

cable cannot ahvb strider while at the top of his jumps, he has to come down from the jump a bit to reach strider cause hes so tiny. so when you see cable jump back you can instantly warp on him.

Damn, keep that shit in mind next time I play against that bastard of a character. =D

updated my little thing on the first page

this question wasn’t answer earlier so I’ll repeat myself again :slight_smile:
Given a situation where Strider is in control and he has his opponent blocking
does Strider himself have enough time to Teleport back to where he was and continue to keep them in Block stun without Orbs when he gets push backed?? like either to continue where he was or would he be able to block? because like for example psylockes assist doesn’t come out as fast

just out of curiousity
Strider’s back/forward+any punch fireball

could anyone give me any advantages to it? i know its disadvantages is its recovery time but ya just wondering

and lets say Strider has the Orb ready to shoot and Strider super jumps in the air off the screen

most of you probably already know that when you’re off the screen
you’re not allowed to do any specials up there or supers I believe because I’ve tried that before

but i’ve gotten it to where Strider is still off the screen a little bit and he’s still able to shoot the fireball
You don’t see Strider on the screen but you see the fireball coming out

Would Storm’s hailstorm be able to get Strider??
and Just wondering would Storm be fast enough to pushblock the fireball and then Lightning StrikexxLightning Storm?
but then again when someone is pushblocked they are moved farther back right?

I don’t know I’m just asking these questions I hope they get answered though :slight_smile:
thanks for reading

From my experience, the blockstun isn’t enough for strider to teleport back after a pushblock and continue preasure. You’ll notice that teleport is relatively slow and if they’re mashing the assist button, the assist will definately come out. If their assists are anti-air or sent ground, you’ll get hit, most other assits get knocked back by teleport->HP

I hear people use the fireball to combo into ragnorak after magic series, but other than that, it’s pretty useless. Safe to use as a projectile though, it goes very fast and doesn’t have much recovery time. You can charge it up during oroboros, and combo it after orobos ends if you connect.