What to do vs a dizzy target?

Suppose the enemy is dizzy and you don’t have Gigas.

Should you try for a taunt->HP press which does about the same damage as Hammer Mountain?

If you had Hammer Mountain and the meter you could do a Hammer Combo like 2 claps, super, but since you can get a lot of damage off the taunt->press, would it be better to save the super for later?

You could try HP Clap, LP Clap, LK Lariat if you think they will break out of the dizzy before the extended taunt, but that’s a tricky link and I think plain press does almost as much damage.

So what’s the best thing to do when they’re dizzy?

HP Clap, LP Clap, LK Lariat does not combo. I think you mean EX Lariat? That’s a sick combos which does good amt of dmg. And I think that’s the combo that you should do vs dizzy opp. The only problem is that EX Lariat makes you switch sides with your opp. So just replace EX Lariat with c mk when necessary.

Personally I wouldn’t do long taunt + HP 360 since it takes a while to execute. Plus the EX Lariat combo probably does equal if not more dmg anyway.

if in the corner wall throw, lp clap, lk air grab… does alot of damage.:badboy:

i do lpclap fp clap, dash in 360… most of the time there just sitting there holding block waiting for u to finish ur combo… only works once though

hehe the wall throw combo is stylish but the grab is hard to connect vs some characters… and i think it does the same dmg as hp clap, lp clap, c mk which IMO is an easier combo…

The moment you see the word STUN flashing hold HP+HK until Hugo does the full animation of his P.A.
Get close: HCB+K–>F, D, DF+K

…sorry for writing in Caps :P.

Yeah, sorry, that should have been EX Lariat.

No kidding, crouching HK combos from LP Clap? Ha I’m going to try that, cHK is already the coolest move in the game.

EddieW I didn’t know that corner combo worked, but I was only using HK air grab. I’ll use that too.

lol sorry i mean c mk… dont know what i was thinking:confused:

Can also do Clap (HP), cr. LK, Ex Lariat

but either one I can only get off with luck, sometimes it will combo into the ex sometimes it wont. WHY?!:mad:

both ex combos shouldn’t be too hard to connect… the reasons i can think of are maybe you start the combo too far away from your opp… if you do the 2 claps combo from max dist then sometimes the ex lariat might not connect… otherwise it should always connect considering that your opp is standing…
or maybe you hold on to the kick buttons for an extra bit after doing the ex lariat? if you do that hugo would run a bit more and the combo won’t connect…

I tried that without holding the button and it still gets blocked

maybe you have to do the ex lariat a bit earlier? can you do lp clap -> ex lariat (w/o the fp clap starter)?

yeah I can do that, but one question. Are Hugo’s EX moves worth the bar when you have SA2/SA3 and which one would probably use more? Cause my Hugo sucks!

What dizzy combo you do depends on what char it is and where there positioned on screen. I personally would never taunt since the opponent could easily mash like crazy and get out of stun quick, especially with chars who can get out of stun quick like Necro.

If your in the corner and you stun them with an ultra throw just do 5 s.mp and finish it with a SDBB, s.mp x4, lp clap, SDBB might work I haven’t fully tested it.

The only time I see worth taunting while the opponent is stuned is if you stunned them while they’re flying back at you from an Ultra Throw or if you stuned them with a move while they fly back at you from an UT (ex: UT -> stun or UT, any move -> stun)