What to do vs grab techers

Hey, whats the best way to blow up crouching and standing techs?
I do my frame traps, but its not working. Is it because im doing them wrong?

Stand teching is a problem that Cody has to deal with and it can require risks if you don’t have the meter (it’s the main reason I’m for crack kick being aerial in v2013. He needs a better tool to blow this up.). It’s unfortunate but it’s how it is. Ways I typically try to get around it:

  1. You can cr. LP them 2 or 3 times to put them out of range and punish the whiffed throw (no risk, but not the most effective way either.

  2. A very meaty cr. LP on their wake up follow up by a neutral j. HP will catch their recovery if they stand tech.

  3. You can go for a cr. LK xx LP Criminal Upper (a risk on most characters and without meter).

  4. You can do a delayed EX zonk or EX Criminal Upper (again, a risk without meter) which are both throw invincible.

  5. If they are throwing after your stomach blow (F+MP) and grabbing you, you can do it closer to maximum range and their throw will whiff.

Hopefully he gets an airborne crack kick or better retreat walk speed to deal with this better in v2013.

Hitting crouch techers…well… getting CHs on crouch teching is just a matter of practice and learning the timing.

Alright, thanks a lot. Imma put these into work