What to do when being rushdowned?

Hey everyone!

Whenever I play online I keep getting rushed down. I block normally but the opponent tick throws me. On wakeup, I get crossed up or some other mix up. By that time, I’m already in stunned state. I can’t read what the opponent is going to do.

Any tips or suggestions on how to defend against a rushdown?

You have to learn to read your opponents offense. It takes practice. There’s no real tip you could start using effectively right away that will make a big difference to you.

know your escape options, block crossups, and tech those throws. Way easier if you don’t put so much thought into it.

Huh? Are you advising him to think less?

If he’s frantically worrying about what the op may or may not do next, he’s sitting there leaving himself up for more pressure. Sometimes you just have to react naturally in a matchup. Don’t spend time guess or people are gonna walk all over you.

Stuff like anti-airing a jump in, blocking a crossup, teching a tick throw is stuff that really doesnt require too much thought, you just do it instinctively.

Worrying frantically is bad of course, but I don’t think its necessarily a good idea to rely on pure instinct for defense, especially against a player who has a more sophisticated offense than repeated cross ups, tick throws when their jabs don’t hit, and in general having no concept of whether their moves will hit or not.

there’s a time for thinking and there’s a time for just straight up whooping ass

FunkyP’s right. if you observe what they’re doing and learn the options in the game, you can minimize damage. using the same observation on their defense, you can maximize the damage you deal. here’s some general defense tips though. know what effect the opponent’s moves will have at each range. prepare for every single thing they can do all at once, generally by the speed of the option and the preparation needed to deal with it.

now I don’t play SSF4 so I could be wrong about this, but this is pretty much how I see it. if any of you guys think something’s wrong mb, plz correct. but anyway, for example, Fei Long vs Ryu. if both chars have their backs on the ends of the screen, Ryu can just stand there looking like an idiot if he wishes cause in terms of offense, there’s nothing Fei Long can do to hurt Ryu from that range except get closer to have access to more options. if he’s about mid-distance though, Rekka Ken, chicken wing, super, ultra, and jumpin become offensive options. from about mid to close, he can reach close range easily and have use of all his normals. close range would be what i consider like grab range, and from that range all his stuff works. so if all that’s right, the entire fight would be about keeping Fei Long from reaching that mid to close range

rushdown is fast but usually extremely predictable if you just look at what they’re doing

block better, do os tech?

either think a lot and figure out how he’s rushing you down in order to stay out of it/punch him for doing it or rock paper scissors your way out

Daigo mash da DP

Its kind of hard to whoop ass if you aren’t thinking. This is a strategy game afterall. And rushdown is only predictable if the guy rushing you down isn’t very good.

I didn’t really figure out how to deal with being rushed down, until I started to just block. I started learning how to tech throws, and started to see the patterns and mixups the different characters use. You don’t see much if you just hit a button and then get counterhit…or dp and get punished. Block more.

It helps to know your main. But generally, just block and wait for them to fuck up. Learn how to crouch tech. If they jump from that range, you KNOW they’re crossing up, so you can block and punish accordingly. My biggest problem with being rushed down was tick throws. Crouching tech really helped out.

not really. there’s plenty of punishable shit going on in the middle of a fight that requires no thought whatsoever to take advantage of. all that’s required is that you see it. it’s a real-time game where a lifetime of shit can happen in a matter of seconds, sometimes you just gotta punch that nigga in the face and that ends the match

depends on the kind of rushdown. lots of times the conditions that allow that rushdown to even exist are what kills them. even if every option in it is solid, it usually requires some condition being fulfilled. you kill that condition, rushdown isn’t even viable. instead of getting hit by option 1 then having to deal with followup options A B and C, if you stop option 1 then the whole rushdown becomes predictable. now, if they start opening with option 2 then that’s a different story, you gotta be on guard for both. but generally, somewhere along the line, there’s even ways to obsolete 1 and 2 together at the same time

Don’t know who you play as but two things that have helped me immensely during wakeup are:

  1. Dashing - It has a slight amount of invincibility which can help in a pinch.
  2. Wakeup with a special then FADC back dash to safety - Careful with this one, too much of it and they’ll start to bait out wakeup moves making you whiff. At the least you might get a knockdown and stop their momentum.