What to do when they parry everything?


Here’s my problem.
I main Chun Li and I usually play with a friend who’s almost pro.
Problem is, this guy is able to parry all of Chun Li’s good pokes (st.HP, back st.HP) and I don’t know what to do. Any advices?

Actually, i realized parrying destroy this game

throw him


I was gonna say “paper”. :coffee:

But, yeah.


Delay your pokes


Damn it I wanted to be the one to say that.

True Kara Demon them.


Do a spinning bird kick, much harder to parry. Try the overhead everyone has (mp+mk) into her big fireball super (SAI) for a nice surprise too. When, or if you take it online, test how good the other guy is with the flipover down-towards and hk. If they parry it, don’t ever do it again. If they block, walk up and throw. If they get hit, it’s Chun time for real. Air-to-air, you wanna do hp twice, or throw. Standing hk carries you over some low pokes, sweeps, and Remy’s low projectiles. Try doing stand mp then doing your hp normals to confuse his parrying or to stuff many of his poke responses. Your hcb flying kick can tag crouchers, or blend into footsy games, but for sure, it’s not the move it became in SFIV.

Once you’re comfortable with all that, read into the Kara throw, which isn’t even that tricky with a good stick and buttons. It makes a super loaded Chun even more of a psychological terror.


Watch everything with this guy’s name in as well, starting from around here (2000).


like point break says,watch how Nuki and Rikimaru play.

also kara throws.

learn her standard mix ups.


-is she gunna cr.mk into super
-is she gunna b.hp into super
-is she gunna kara throw me
-is she gunna tick me into any of those previous options with cr.lp or cr.lk

Standard mix ups?

When she’s moving back’n forth between these ranges with meter it can be very scary, especially in the corner.


Go random.


pretty much,but also with close rh.

and far fierce after cr short to catch the jumpers who thought you were gonna follow with a throw.

there are more mindgames, but whats given is the basics


If you’ve done a couple of stomps on their head (down + mk), then you have the charge to land and do the ex spinning bird kick in their face for a nasty surprise. You can do this after the jump from super2 as well, if you tag them in the air with lp, then charge immediately and land into it. This is called a reset, and you’ll need a little bit of meter after the super for it. If you have two bars, dash forward underneath after the last kick, and then position youself right next to them as they land, and hit hk. If it hits, tap down~up, then do another super (all very quickly, so you will need to practice this in 1 player), lights out.

Crouch lp is one of the best normal moves in the game (she has like 3 of them), but don’t spam it. If your Sanwas are fresh, tap real gently. Use this to interrupt their pressure, for example Makato punching and grabbing. In the split second after, you need to decide to either hold back (if they blast super), throw (if they block/parry) or hit back + hp (if they press a normal or plenty of specials). It really is a game of:


Whiff a move out of range/Early/Meaty but won’t hit, watch him try to parry it, blow up his commitment to a high or low parry.

Stand jab, make him parry xx Nuki Dander in ya faceee.

/ white chun buns with the matching blue dress
/ white balltop yo I keep it so fresh
/ can’t nobody stop me cuz
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You should try parrying everything he does, even parries.


Only the developer of the game,


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Can parry everything. Raoh’s still mad.


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Whatever dude. Nuki does df+rh after like, every round he wins, so you know that shit just has to be godlike.


But you literally liked post#2? :rolleyes: Look at the OP phrasing. Does his almost pro friend not think to explain the game to him? What are they actually doing together? Any advices?


In the rock-paper-scissor of throws, parries and strikes, throws beat parries (generally), so if the OP’s problem is he’s getting parried too much, why is telling him to throw more bad advice?


Why is telling him to do a harder to parry move?

Now you’re just being unfunny, lol :frowning:


hazanshu and that flip kick shit are easy parries tho