What to do when you arent progressing?


What do you do when you plateau in fighting games and just cant progress? I’m at a point where I feel like I dont know whats necesarry to take me to the next level.

Ive spent some time reading the Dominator 101 threads to approach from a mental aspect, and they have helped me in a few respects, but im just not turning profit, I dont feel like im getting any better.

I know the solution to this is different for everyone but maybe someone can toss some suggestion/theories?


Take a break from the game. Spend some time just labbing with your team but dont play against other people. come back in a week or 2. That helps me.


Smoked weed everyday. That’s what I did and continue to do lol or you could look up cool shit on the internet related/nonrelated to combos


Play a lot more, think differently


Honzo Baggins himself from The Shire offering much wise advice yet again.


Trust me, there is no lack of cannabis slaying in this part of the brotherhood


Travel, seek new/better players.


i think you might need to look at team selection. choosing a different team helped me a bit in getting slightly better and better


Branch out a bit, fool around with other characters in the lab and in casuals, preferably ones that are fundamentally different. Like Honzo said, you need to think differently, and playing with other characters is a vehicle for helping you become aware of things you may not really notice with your usual team.


Take a step back and see what other players are doing differently and see what you can do to implement that into your game. Whether its new combos or setups, take a step back from the mindset of a fighter and just observe and think outside the box a little. As mentioned above, tooling around with the other characters in the game can also help generate new ideas.


take a break,hit up training try different characters,watch some tourney streams to see high level play with your character and look at there spacing also play people offline


People have to realize that everyone has their own limits on how good they can actually get. It would be great if we just practiced all the time to level up to the likes of FChamp, Chris G, or JWong. But a lot of people just don’t have that skillset and it is hard to come to the realization.

Everybody gets to a certain point where they get better but fractionally compared to how they used to. Some people just don’t have the patience when it gets to that point.


here, nothing could further from the truth. well spoken bro


Find someone better than you and convince them to kick your ass over and over. Take a step back, look at why it’s happening, look at what they’re doing, what you’re doing and correct mistakes. Do that until you’re performing well against them, then find someone else.

The best way to level up is to beat higher level opponents, not to pub stomp people that have no idea what to do in the game.

If you’re struggling to take a step back and analyse what you’re doing, either take a break from the game, or get a friend to help, get them to look over your shoulder while you play and offer suggestions. Just try not to get too worked up about it if they say you’re mashing.


another thing you can do is if you have some way to record yourself playing im pretty sure there are plenty of people that are willing to critique your gameplay and tell you ways you can improve and offer tips like that.


Say “fuck this game”, get mad salty about it, say your characters are ass and they will never amount to anything. Come back in a few weeks (months, tops) with fresh ideas and you’re set. Maybe even a new team. Sometimes the best way to improve is really to learn when to take breaks. Even athletes know the importance of rest.

<- True story. Dropped SO MANY characters (I can even list them for you, I spent at least several weeks with each character before I decided to drop them) in an effort to find the perfect team for my nigga Strange, and it was only after EVO when I found it. Not going back.