What to do when you eventually hit a "wall"?

“Wall” as in not being able to improve upon anything/reached your peak. Does anyone else feel like they have reached their peak in this game?

I think for the past week or so I have definitely hit a wall so to speak. From February, when I got the game, to mid-June I always felt like I was progressing. I learned general strategies with my main, I learned match-ups, I practiced execution and still do, etc. I always had the feeling that I was getting better the more I learned.

But as of now I really dont know what else to do to progress. I play locally at Chinatown Fair here in NYC and I’m really not getting that feeling of progression like I did the first few months I got the game. I still lose a fair share of matches, but I consider myself an above average player at the very least…of course there comes a time when i face someone who makes me look like an absolute noob. I guess the problem is that I am no longer learning from my losses. I know the match-ups and I know what to expect…I just dont see what areas to improve on to overcome those losses. I mean it is expected that at some point you are going to learn the game inside and out right?

Anyone else ever have this feeling?

Weren’t you the guy who said he was quitting or something?


Does that wall happen to be named J. Wong? He’s been tweeting that he’s been playing there again lately. Anyway. When I feel like I hit a wall…I watch youtube and cop some combos and strategies from there.

Go play in some tournies. Tape your matches and see what you did wrong or ask your opponent what they thought you did wrong.

No such thing, you can always get better.

You still don’t have what it takes. You must train harder.

examine what you are losing to.
if you cannot defend against it, start using it against your opponent.

Run against it even harder.

Eventually I’ll get smarter and just bring a sledge hammer and whack the hell out.

For those that don’t get what I’m saying, here it is in simpler terms.

"Keep trying.

With enough practice, you’ll get better."

Of course there’s more to it, but it simply falls in line with what everyone has been saying.

Um, you are the kid who said he was going to quit because SFIV sucked so WTF?

But an answer to your question is…NO. I dont find myself running into a wall, I find myself being tired or not focusing on it. You always improve with experience, there is no maximum.

Do what the Mongols did…go around it.


I thought they broke through a part of the wall… or am I just making up shit?

Go play something else, come back in awhile when the game feels enjoyable again, and be amazed at how much you have improved.

I am not joking with this either. Sometimes taking a break from something will really improve your skills at it. I am not sure why, but it is like you can see it clearly again and lose the bad habits or blinders you developed from focusing to hard. You come back with a fresh perspective and all the good skills you built up are still there.

take a break
it happens to everyone
come back later, refreshed

If you know what to do, and you know when to do it, and your execution on combos and counters is good, and you’re still losing, then the only answer is that your reaction time needs improvement and you need to increase your skill at reading the opponent quickly. Unfortunately those are 2 things that can’t be taught well, and those are the 2 things that seperate the great players from average.

Train your reaction time(very difficult but possible) and learn to more quickly recognize patterns(even more difficult since it requires you to actually literally increase your intelligence) and you’ll see more success. This is the wall that most players hit and really it is simple talent that allows people to get past it, some people just genetically have a much much easier time of it than others.

You can have all the knowledge in the world at the game, but if your reaction time is slow and you take 1/8 of a second longer than the average person to react to a visual cue, then you can be made to look like a scrub sometimes…this is a problem that I have personally.


I dabbled in SCIV ( not suggesting:wink: ) for awhile after I lost horribly in my first tournament ( using Guile:wonder: ) When I came back to SFIV, I had a clearer mind and was able to improve my game substantially.

Note down your weaknesses then act accordingly.

Stop playing to win, start playing to learn.



What do you do when you hit a wall? hmm…

Well first you quit playing Street Fighter

Then go to shoryuken.com and make a thread about how you are quitting street fighter

Then wait about a week and go back to SRK and make another thread about hitting a wall.

and finally you just suck it up and start playing and practicing.

That’s what I would do.

Take steroids, thats what pro baseball players do.

Sometimes you get in a rut where you always do the same things because they used to work, but these habits start becoming bad habits or things you could improve on. You start losing and not really knowing why, because you take for granted what you’re doing. You know this is happening because you start asking yourself “why the hell isn’t anything working” instead of just moving on.

Take a break.