What to do when you get a knockdown



Hi, I’m trying to get competitive with street fighter. It’s a tough thing to do, but I’m starting from scratch so i have alot to learn. I’ve been improving steadily through these forums and a couple videos but I have one big GLARING problem In my gameplay. I already kind of dedicated to dudley and I realized a way in that he was a really tough character to learn, but I can’t drop him now, that would feel like quitting. ( I do much better with ibuki and guile)

Every guide or video or whatever that says something along the lines of, when you knock em down, go to work. Keep up pressure, etc etc. Meaning that knocking down your opponents is a good thing. I can do it alot, but I don’t really know what to do to keep pressure with Dudley. Every time I knock someone like ken or ryu down, they just shoryuken on wake up and get me. I know when it’s coming but then I have to block and I lose momentem. (right?) I lose to that stuff all the time. It’s not always a shoryuken but It’s something. They sweep on wake up or they just always out prioritize my attacks.

What should I be doing when they are knocked down? Is my timing just off? Are there moves I SHOULDNT be using when applying pressure from knockdown?




Can someone sticky the tut?


tut is of no use for me, i can’t break slump. someone call the paramedics.


Is dudley your 1st char?


no. I played Ibuki and guile before. However, as of now, i’ve put alot more work into dudely, but my ibuki/guile are still better.


it seems to me like you’re kind of forcing yourself to play dudley. if that’s the case then i suggest you to switch characters while it’s not too late. i mean, do you like playing this character? it’s not like i don’t get what what you mean by “quitting”, i can’t drop a show i started no matter how shitty it is (i might be autistic imma check that).

my first character was dudley because in every fighting game i like to play explosive characters with good soundtracks. even if i wanted to switch now i wouldn’t because i don’t want to spend more time into this game learning other characters.

anyway make a list of every character that picks your interest and outweight their pros/cons. remember winning with the least amount of effort required is fun no matter what other people tell you (that’s why so many bipsons online).


No I do like dudely alot. That’s why I would feel bad If i stopped learning him. Today was a good day for me in ranked though, so I think I’m gonna keep at it.