What to do with DC Agetec Start button?

I’m modding a Dreamcast Agetec stick soon, adding custom artwork under Lexan and installing clear Seimitsu bubbletop stick and buttons. The yellow start button doesn’t look good though, of course. But I don’t want to paint the stick! Please don’t even suggest it because I suck at painting. Anyway, are there any non-paint solutions?
Would a Sanwa SDM-18 fit in that spot? If not, what about removing the Yellow button and painting it? I think I could handle that. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Also, would anyone be kind enough to help me with the background for my stick art? Here’s the current design:

I think the background needs some work.

If the only thing that looks off about it, is the color of the yellow start button, why not just remove & paint the button the color you like?

I totally suck at painting stuff too, but could probably manage 1 button if that was all.

That was quick, Shoo. I was in the process of editing the image when you did that. :wink:

Yeah True, I wanted to see if there were any other ideas, but I bet that’s the easiest way to go.

Now are you gonna leave the hearts on when you actually put it on the stick? Cause that will be a total waste…

no ghetto blurs/censors

try again

Heck no! In fact, I didn’t realize you could see anything naughty until I created this thread.

(Hope it’s fixed well enough now.)

SDM18 is going to be slightly too big for that hole, IIRC.

Just take some spraypaint and spray the button. It’s not like you can’t and it down later and make it fit.

Thanks guys.

Umm, can someone please tell me how to remove the Start button without damaging it and how to remove the wires from the button as well?

Who’s the girl?

Her name is Ayumi Kinoshita.

If you ever decide to one day paint the case I suggest following Notanoob’s guide on how to mod a virtua stick. Check this thread out. He even explains how to use plastic epoxy and bondo. Mod was one of the best I’ve seen on a commercial stick.

P.S. Shoo if you’re reading this I suggest stickying that thread from notanoob very very informative.