What to do with extra parts

I will (hopefully) soon get the arcade parts I’ve ordered from Akihabarashop, Gremlin, and LizardLick to mod my MadCatz SE and HRAP 3 sticks, and barring any boo-boo’s on my part and due to my zeal in ordering extra to make sure I get the necessary parts, I’ll end up with the following extra parts:

  1. A Sanwa JLF
  2. MadCatz SE stock stocks
  3. Eight MadCatz Buttons
  4. Eight Hori Buttons

I know that 2 and 3 are useless piles of junk, but with 1 and 4 (and a couple of the less sticky MadCatz buttons), I can do several things:

  1. Sell on eBay and recover a lot of the already sunk costs
  2. Get a Cthulu MC and a cheap box and build a stick that will work with my PS2, but this will put me back another $100.
  3. Get a $5 PSX pad from PlayNTrade and learn soldering, I might end up with a shoebox PS2 stick or a pile of junk and burnt fingers. Risky, but costs are low.

Only fighting games I have are on the PS3 and PS2. Our Xbox360 is not likely to get any of them. My PS3 is pretty well set with two new sticks, but the PS2 could use having a stick around to tackle SoulCalibur II/II and Virtua Fighter 4, plus any other fighters I can pick up cheap.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

It depends. I for example, just gotten into this “stick modding” thing because of this forum (and its run me a couple hundred bucks already lol), and am very interested to build my own stick. in the future

I choose option 3 simply because I want to learn how to solder, and that skill will come in handy for my future projects.

  1. Why bother? You could sell the JLF, but the rest have almost no resell value.
  2. If you just want PS2, nah. But, if you’re interested in learning soldering, getting a kit is pretty cheap ($25 for the MC).
  3. It’s a good option.

Sell the JLF or just stash it somewhere safe. Use the stick from the SE and glue down the washer so it doesn’t move and it’s a pretty usable stick. Use that along with the spare SE buttons and you’ve got all of the parts for a cheap guest stick. You get the fun of building a stick with parts you don’t have to care if you mess up. Just add a cheap box (pizza box, shoebox, cigar box, tupperware, whatever), a cheap PCB and some wire.