What to do with my Xbox 360 Hori DoA Stick?


I recently purchased an X360 DoA stick at EB/Gamestop for 60 bucks with all intentions on making it into a dedicated retro stick. I figured it would be easy because A) all the parts are already there and ready to go and B) all the parts are there and ready to go. I was wrong. I think I was wrong. Anyway…

Even after opening the stick and looking around at the guts the thing works perfectly. I just played with it today. I’m still in my “take it back” period for a few more days so I’m wondering…

Should I take this thing back to the store and get 60 bucks in credit (I’ll use it on Live points at least) or should I sell it? And, if I sell it, where does one think the best place to get the cost of the stick plus a “little extra” for the effort of selling it and not just taking it back would be?

Thanks for any thoughts and or opinions!

so whats your problem with it?

instead of returning it you can sell it on the trading outlet for around 90

My main issue with it is that it’s just doesn’t have the right “feel” for what I want to use it for. I would like to keep it and try and make it into the perfect Xbox Arcade stick for what I need, but I think that right now with my VERY limited skills at soldering, wiring, woodworking and anything else that goes into modding a stick that getting it into the hands of someone who would use it as Hori intended (or at least won’t fry the poor little thing) might be the best bet.

what exactly would you consider the “perfect” xbox arcade stick?
any sort of detail could help someone lead you the right way
so far judging by your avs and name
you’re a fan of pacman (duhhh) so get incontact with lizardlick (has a thread here) and he can point you in the right direction about that “classic” pacman/retro feel.

Thanks! I’ve seen Lizardlick on the forums, so I’ll scoot over there and pick his brain.

Yeah, pretty much what I’m looking for right now is a 4-way (8 way switchable would be cool but not really a “must have” right now) to play the Pac-Man/Rally X/Galaga type games on. Mostly Pac-Man though (of course).

I’ll have to check that out and see what I can find as far as getting something that’ll let me show the world on Xbox Live exactly how upper-mediocre I am! :nunchuck:

maybe a sanwa jlw-tm-8 would fit the bill according to lizardlicks description
leave feedback here
hes quick and responsive :slight_smile:
read around to find out about building or buying your own custom stick (or even getting the doa modded for you) and information on individual parts.
dont hesitate to ask questions either :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate all of your feedback. I think what I’m going to do is this:

  1. Put the DoA stick up for sale on the Trading Post. If someone who could give it a good home wants it, then great, awesome and wunnerful.

  2. I’ve got the arcade parts already from a MAME controller I built back in 2002. I’m going to scrap that and play around with some junk pcb to learn how to solder all nice and pretty. Once that is accomplished I will take my MadCatz X360 pad and see if we can’t make it work with my leaf switch 4 way. If so, we can throw all of that into a cheap case (I shop at flea markets harder than most girls do at shoe stores). I’ve got a few cases laying around that aren’t much use to anyone but myself, we’ll see how that project goes.

  3. I will also “shop around” for a custom built stick. If I can find someone who isn’t up to their necks in orders that is.

I will certainly be asking questions. In the few days I’ve been posting here I’ve been very surprised at how friendly everyone is so far. I know I’m not a “fighting game” type like most of everyone here, but I’m easy to get along with and I appreciate the advice I’ve been given.

Thank you very much!