What to do?



(1) A turtling Ryu. Seems like he can just sit back and counter anything I do.
(2) Zangief’s crouching jab.


Get the life lead. Make him come to you
Look above.


Your cr.lp counteracts Gief’s cr.lp when you’re positioned outside of its range, so just look out for his little hop since you’ll be spd’d.


This. See what kind of Gief you are playing. If he loves his SPD right after, neutral jump and enjoy the free punish. Or just walk back. Vega’s speed is key to destroying giefs.

I actually watched a few of my replays against a gold gief and I destroyed him the first game. He beat me the second, and I beat him the third. I think after the first match, I got penisy and just went at him and he turtled in the corner and made me pay. Went back to zoning and he went down harder than a hooker at Lord Baelish’s establishment in Kings Landing.


This is pretty much what happens to me as well. I get impatient and try to go in on him. It looks like I just need to stick with it and properly zone him.


Man I miss GoT. Good thing I have HBO Go